British Marilyn Island Summits List & GPS Waypoints

Island Summits - where height and prominence are the same.
Marilyns - Hills & Mountains of any height with a drop of at least 150 metres on all sides.
The geographical area includes the Isle of Man and the islands of St Kilda. (N.B. twin peak marilyns are not included here)
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Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills

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Marilyn Island Summits List & GPS Waypoints:

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  • '0992.M' NG450207 Sgurr Alasdair (992m, p992)
  • '0966.M' NM525330 Ben More (966m, p966)
  • '0875.C' NR991415 Goatfell (Goat Fell) (875m, p875)
  • '0812.C' NM393952 Askival (812m, p812)
  • '0799.C' NB154073 An Cliseam (Clisham) (799m, p799)
  • '0785.C' NR498749 Beinn an Oir (785m, p785)
  • '0621.P' SC397880 Snaefell (621m, p621)
  • '0620.G' NF808310 Beinn Mhor (620m, p620)
  • '0491.P' NR429564 Beinn Bheigier (491m, p491)
  • '0481.P' HY228022 Ward Hill (481m, p481)
  • '0450.P' HU305834 Ronas Hill (450m, p450)
  • '0449.P' NM690044 Cruach Scarba (449m, p449)
  • '0444.P' NG579394 Dun Caan (444m, p444)
  • '0430.P' NA099002 Conachair (430m, p430)
  • '0418.P' HT947395 Da Sneug (The Sneug) (418m, p418)
  • '0396.P' NG605292 Mullach na Carn (396m, p396)
  • '0394.P' NM463847 An Sgurr (394m, p394)
  • '0384.P' NL678994 Heabhal (Sheabhal) (Heaval) (384m, p384)
  • '0384.P' NA153053 Mullach an Eilein (384m, p384)
  • '0376.P' NA062016 Cnoc Glas (376m, p376)
  • '0347.P' NF898605 Eabhal (Eaval) (347m, p347)
  • '0340.P' NX019998 Ailsa Craig (340m, p340)
  • '0314.P' NS063297 Mullach Mor (314m, p314)
  • '0313.P' NM403402 Beinn Chreagach (313m, p313)
  • '0308.P' NA968158 Sron Romul (308m, p308)
  • '0284.P' HP631166 Saxa Vord (284m, p284)
  • '0278.P' NS043698 Windy Hill (278m, p278)
  • '0275.P' HY335087 Mid Hill (275m, p275)
  • '0273.P' NL552828 Carnan (273m, p273)
  • '0267.P' NB034019 Beinn Ra (Ben Raah) (267m, p267)
  • '0250.P' HY418289 Blotchnie Fiold (250m, p250)
  • '0242.P' SZ568785 St Boniface Down (242m, p242)
  • '0226.P' HU502387 Ward of Bressay (226m, p226)
  • '0220.P' SH218829 Holyhead Mountain (220m, p220)
  • '0220.P' HZ208733 Ward Hill (220m, p220)
  • '0217.P' NB207110 Eilean Shiophoirt (Seaforth Island) (Eilean Shiphoirt) (217m, p217)
  • '0211.P' NG263064 Carn a’ Ghaill (211m, p211)
  • '0210.P' HU494841 Hill of Arisdale (210m, p210)
  • '0207.P' NL640915 Carn Ghaltair (Cairn Galtar) (207m, p207)
  • '0196.P' NF893884 Beinn a’ Charnain (196m, p196)
  • '0196.P' NA151064 Stac an Armin (196m, p196)
  • '0195.P' NL548802 Sron an Duin (195m, p195)
  • '0190.P' NL626963 Heiseabhal Mor (Theiseabhal Mor) (Heishival Mor) (190m, p190)
  • '0189.P' NM815278 Carn Breugach (189m, p189)
  • '0186.P' NF795112 Beinn Sciathan (Ben Scrien) (186m, p186)
  • '0181.P' HU553398 Noss Head (181m, p181)
  • '0178.P' NF104973 Bioda Mor (178m, p178)
  • '0172.P' HU320652 Mid Ward (172m, p172)
  • '0172.P' NA142049 Stac Lee (172m, p172)
  • '0171.P' NL593872 An Tobha (The Hoe) (171m, p171)
  • '0170.P' NM618589 Cruachan Charna (170m, p170)
  • '0169.P' HY429448 Fitty Hill (169m, p169)
  • '0160.P' NG414986 Mullach Buidhe (160m, p160)
  • '0159.P' HU622935 Vord Hill (159m, p159)
  • '0155.P' NM361414 Gometra (155m, p155)
  • '0154.P' NL688940 Maol Domhnaich (Muldoanich) (154m, p154)

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Total = 56 Marilyn Island Summits in Britain
Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills


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