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Simpson's 2000ft summits - A list of 225 2000-foot summits in the English Lake District published in the 1937 Wayfarer's Journal "Concerning Contours" article by FHF Simpson. The list was defined by the original publication and is not subject to revision. Reference: p18-24 Wayfarer's Journal 1937
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Simpsons data courtesy of Nick Wakelam, Richard & Edward (Ted) Moss

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Simpson's 2000ft summit List & GPS Waypoints:

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  • '0646.H' NY225114 Base Brown (646m, p38)
  • '0828.H' NY166116 Black Crag (828m, p34)
  • '0801.s' NY165101 Black Crag (801m, p7)
  • '0715.H' NY214119 Brandreth (715m, p61)
  • '0697.N' NY132109 Caw Fell (697m, p22)
  • '0641.N' NY163157 Dodd (Buttermere) (641m, p20.6)
  • '0649.H' NY205141 Fleetwith Pike (649m, p118)
  • '0620.-' NY210140 Fleetwith Pike East Top (620m, p10)
  • '0616.H' NY123163 Great Borne (616m, p113)
  • '0610.-' NY124165 Great Borne North Top (610m, p5)
  • '0899.H' NY211103 Great Gable (899m, p425)
  • '0802.s' NY154112 Great Scoat Fell (802m, p2)
  • '0801.H' NY214107 Green Gable (801m, p50)
  • '0697.-' NY219126 Grey Knotts East Top (697m, p8)
  • '0797.H' NY144107 Haycock (797m, p94)
  • '0744.H' NY180139 High Crag (Buttermere) (744m, p35)
  • '0807.H' NY170148 High Stile (Grey Crag-High Stile) (807m, p362)
  • '0634.n' NY212141 Honister Crag (Black Star) (634m, p21)
  • '0640.H' NY123119 Iron Crag (Ennerdale Fell) (640m, p54)
  • '0802.H' NY194104 Kirk Fell (802m, p181)
  • '0787.H' NY199107 Kirk Fell East Top (Kirk Fell North Top) (787m, p36)
  • '0750.-' NY201107 Kirk Fell Rib End Point E (750m, p5)
  • '0733.n' NY140109 Little Gowder Crag (733m, p17)
  • '0627.n' NY186117 Looking Stead (Pillar) (627m, p20)
  • '0892.H' NY171121 Pillar (892m, p348)
  • '0760.-' NY178119 Pillar East Top (760m, p10)
  • '0780.n' NY171123 Pillar Rock (780m, p15)
  • '0755.H' NY160154 Red Pike (Buttermere) (755m, p41.3)
  • '0826.H' NY165106 Red Pike (Wasdale) (826m, p62)
  • '0841.H' NY159113 Scoat Fell (841m, p86)
  • '0692.H' NY140084 Seatallan (692m, p193)
  • '0633.H' NY142157 Starling Dodd (633m, p73)
  • '0819.N' NY157116 Steeple (819m, p24)
  • '0627.H' NY173084 Yewbarrow (627m, p142)
  • '0616.H' NY175091 Yewbarrow North Top (Stirrup Crag) (616m, p33)

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Total = 35 Simpson's 2000ft summits in OS Area WESTERN FELLS
Simpsons data courtesy of Nick Wakelam, Richard & Edward (Ted) Moss


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