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Lake District HuMPs - Hills of any height with a drop of at least 100 metres or more on all sides. The name HuMP stands for Hundred Metre Prominence. (All Marilyns are HuMPs) The original source for the HuMPs list was Dr Eric Yeaman's "Handbook of the Scottish Hills", published by Wafaida in 1989. Clem Clements applied Yeaman's original criteria to England and Wales, and christened the results "Yeomans".
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Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills

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HuMP List & GPS Waypoints:

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  • '0581.w' NY206197 Ard Crags (581m, p116)
  • '0159.P' SD456774 Arnside Knott (159m, p150)
  • '0487.w' NY403051 Baystones (Wansfell) (487m, p147)
  • '0255.p' SD278907 Beacon Fell (255m, p128)
  • '0319.p' SD548941 Benson Knott (319m, p133)
  • '0447.W' NY225355 Binsey (447m, p242)
  • '0268.p' SD362926 Black Brows (268m, p126)
  • '0600.B' SD135854 Black Combe (600m, p362)
  • '0323.w' NY340015 Black Fell (323m, p126)
  • '0573.W' NY110196 Blake Fell (573m, p164)
  • '0868.H' NY323277 Blencathra-Hallsfell Top (868m, p461)
  • '0903.H' NY244064 Bowfell (903m, p148)
  • '0712.H' NY477100 Branstree (712m, p137)
  • '0298.p' SD260858 Burney (298m, p111)
  • '0529.b' SD230944 Caw (529m, p132)
  • '0270.P' SD382973 Claife Heights (270m, p177)
  • '0726.H' NY333225 Clough Head (726m, p108)
  • '0523.w' NY097143 Crag Fell (523m, p114)
  • '0839.H' NY192203 Crag Hill (Eel Crag) (839m, p116)
  • '0859.H' NY248048 Crinkle Crags-Long Top (Second Crinkle) (859m, p139)
  • '0256.p' SD447960 Crook Knott (256m, p107)
  • '0753.H' NY222153 Dale Head (753m, p397)
  • '0352.P' NY041129 Dent (Long Barrow) (352m, p175)
  • '0502.w' NY244273 Dodd (Skiddaw) (502m, p110)
  • '0778.H' SD262977 Dow Crag (778m, p129)
  • '0885.H' NY236075 Esk Pike (885m, p112)
  • '0873.H' NY358117 Fairfield (873m, p300)
  • '0649.H' NY205141 Fleetwith Pike (649m, p118)
  • '0783.H' NY245104 Glaramara (783m, p121)
  • '0481.p' NY407217 Gowbarrow Fell (481m, p100)
  • '0852.H' NY174203 Grasmoor (852m, p518)
  • '0205.p' SD357825 Grassgarth Heights (205m, p130)
  • '0494.P' SD598998 Grayrigg Forest (494m, p187)
  • '0616.H' NY123163 Great Borne (616m, p113)
  • '0690.H' NY290311 Great Calva (690m, p142)
  • '0857.H' NY342205 Great Dodd (857m, p109)
  • '0899.H' NY211103 Great Gable (899m, p425)
  • '0333.b' NY313187 Great How (Thirlmere) (333m, p140)
  • '0537.W' NY396253 Great Mell Fell (537m, p198)
  • '0489.w' SD200982 Green Crag (489m, p144)
  • '0791.H' NY198225 Grisedale Pike (791m, p189)
  • '0321.B' SD390884 Gummer’s How (321m, p217)
  • '0388.W' NY433198 Hallin Fell (388m, p163)
  • '0222.p' SD399794 Hampsfell (222m, p105)
  • '0141.p' NX952133 Hannah Moor (141m, p122)
  • '0549.W' NY231023 Hard Knott (549m, p154)
  • '0654.H' SD218997 Harter Fell (Eskdale) (654m, p276)
  • '0779.H' NY459093 Harter Fell (Mardale) (779m, p149)
  • '0950.H' NY342151 Helvellyn (950m, p713)
  • '0506.w' NY132181 Hen Comb (506m, p138)
  • '0247.p' NY042212 High Park (247m, p119)
  • '0762.H' NY280095 High Raise (High White Stones) (762m, p283)
  • '0357.W' NY308219 High Rigg (Naddle Fell) (357m, p189)
  • '0608.W' NY287180 High Seat (608m, p136)
  • '0653.H' NY234162 High Spy (653m, p147)
  • '0807.H' NY170148 High Stile (Grey Crag-High Stile) (807m, p362)
  • '0828.H' NY440110 High Street (828m, p373)
  • '0317.W' NY315006 Holme Fell (317m, p165)
  • '0275.P' SD556775 Hutton Roof Crags (275m, p177)
  • '0757.H' NY436077 Ill Bell (757m, p124)
  • '0609.W' NY168049 Illgill Head (609m, p314)
  • '0802.H' NY194104 Kirk Fell (802m, p181)
  • '0334.P' SD259839 Kirkby Moor (Lowick High Common) (334m, p230)
  • '0710.H' NY296329 Knott (710m, p242)
  • '0340.P' SD586941 Lambrigg Fell (340m, p158)
  • '0541.w' NY091119 Lank Rigg (541m, p111)
  • '0470.W' NY302046 Lingmoor Fell (Lingmoor Fell-Brown How) (470m, p248)
  • '0505.W' NY423240 Little Mell Fell (505m, p226)
  • '0552.W' NY204265 Lord’s Seat (552m, p237)
  • '0335.W' NY346051 Loughrigg Fell (335m, p172)
  • '0423.W' NY137226 Low Fell (423m, p266)
  • '0191.p' SD152820 Lowscales Hill (191m, p147)
  • '0512.W' NY148186 Mellbreak (Mellbreak South Top) (512m, p260)
  • '0582.w' NY150072 Middle Fell (582m, p117)
  • '0232.P' SD115986 Muncaster Fell (232m, p195)
  • '0446.b' NY094190 Murton Fell (Knock Murton) (446m, p140)
  • '0705.H' NY271042 Pike of Blisco (705m, p177)
  • '0892.H' NY171121 Pillar (892m, p348)
  • '0657.H' NY405169 Place Fell (657m, p262)
  • '0776.H' NY396087 Red Screes (776m, p260)
  • '0696.H' NY432136 Rest Dodd (696m, p111)
  • '0737.H' NY201168 Robinson (737m, p161)
  • '0359.w' NY194296 Sale Fell (359m, p137)
  • '0373.p' NY266398 Sandale Hill (373m, p117)
  • '0964.H' NY206064 Scafell (964m, p132)
  • '0978.H' NY215072 Scafell Pike (978m, p912)
  • '0285.p' SD564826 Scout Hill (285m, p103)
  • '0235.p' SD486922 Scout Scar (235m, p126)
  • '0737.H' NY344115 Seat Sandal (737m, p151)
  • '0692.H' NY140084 Seatallan (692m, p193)
  • '0930.H' NY260290 Skiddaw (930m, p705)
  • '0429.s' NY487015 Sleddale Forest (429m, p115)
  • '0841.H' NY369133 St Sunday Crag (841m, p160)
  • '0375.b' SD212927 Stickle Pike (375m, p116)
  • '0763.H' NY417100 Stony Cove Pike (Caudale Moor) (763m, p171)
  • '0345.b' NY079083 Swainson Knott (345m, p132)
  • '0244.P' NY243224 Swinside (244m, p152)
  • '0802.H' NY272005 Swirl How (802m, p120)
  • '0664.H' NY488078 Tarn Crag (Sleddale) (664m, p160)
  • '0802.H' SD272978 The Old Man of Coniston (Coniston Old Man) (802m, p415)
  • '0335.S' SD308919 Top o’ Selside (335m, p191)
  • '0726.H' NY291121 Ullscarf (726m, p118)
  • '0255.P' NY159318 Watch Hill (Setmurthy Common) (255m, p158)
  • '0763.H' NY288011 Wetherlam (763m, p145)
  • '0215.P' SD441870 Whitbarrow-Lord’s Seat (215m, p182)
  • '0573.B' SD158929 Whitfell (573m, p221)
  • '0627.H' NY173084 Yewbarrow (627m, p142)

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Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills


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