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  • '0411.s' NY108174 Banna Fell (411m, p12)
  • '0456.b' NY115174 Banna Fell (Banna Fell East Top) (456m, p38)
  • '0646.H' NY225114 Base Brown (646m, p38)
  • '0462.s' NY170076 Bell Rib (462m, p6)
  • '0828.H' NY166116 Black Crag (828m, p34)
  • '0801.s' NY165101 Black Crag (801m, p7)
  • '0587.-' NY190115 Black Sail Knott (587m, p12)
  • '0573.W' NY110196 Blake Fell (573m, p164)
  • '0389.b' NY069135 Blakeley Raise (389m, p32)
  • '0363.s' NY111136 Boat How (363m, p8)
  • '0333.b' NY112155 Bowness Knott (333m, p41)
  • '0715.H' NY214119 Brandreth (715m, p61)
  • '0199.-' NY061231 Branthwaite Edge (199m, p40)
  • '0330.b' NY115158 Brown How (Ennerdale) (330m, p17)
  • '0423.w' NY135061 Buckbarrow (423m, p4)
  • '0320.b' NY069125 Burn Edge (320m, p22)
  • '0475.w' NY110209 Burnbank Fell (475m, p22)
  • '0544.b' NY117203 Carling Knott (544m, p41)
  • '0697.N' NY132109 Caw Fell (697m, p22)
  • '0293.-' NY058092 Cold Fell (293m, p83)
  • '0523.w' NY097143 Crag Fell (523m, p114)
  • '0165.-' NY097271 Crag Hills (165m, p44)
  • '0392.b' NY129225 Darling Fell (392m, p47)
  • '0346.-' NY037130 Dent (346m, p6)
  • '0352.P' NY041129 Dent (Long Barrow) (352m, p175)
  • '0641.N' NY163157 Dodd (Buttermere) (641m, p20.6)
  • '0416.w' NY132242 Fellbarrow-Mosser Fell (416m, p51.6)
  • '0272.-' NY052137 Flat Fell (272m, p74)
  • '0649.H' NY205141 Fleetwith Pike (649m, p118)
  • '0620.-' NY210140 Fleetwith Pike East Top (620m, p10)
  • '0451.b' NY122173 Floutern Cop (451m, p27)
  • '0518.b' NY133163 Gale Fell (518m, p8)
  • '0499.s' NY143168 Gale Fell East Top (499m, p20)
  • '0524.w' NY116185 Gavel Fell (524m, p73.7)
  • '0488.b' NY120189 Gavel Fell-High Nook (Gavel Fell North Top) (488m, p21)
  • '0440.b' NY133064 Glade How (440m, p9)
  • '0365.b' NY100182 Godworth (365m, p19)
  • '0616.H' NY123163 Great Borne (616m, p113)
  • '0610.-' NY124165 Great Borne North Top (610m, p5)
  • '0899.H' NY211103 Great Gable (899m, p425)
  • '0554.s' NY206128 Great Round How (554m, p5)
  • '0802.s' NY154112 Great Scoat Fell (802m, p2)
  • '0528.s' NY202130 Green Crag (528m, p33)
  • '0801.H' NY214107 Green Gable (801m, p50)
  • '0697.N' NY217125 Grey Knotts (697m, p16)
  • '0697.-' NY219126 Grey Knotts East Top (697m, p8)
  • '0488.w' NY084140 Grike (488m, p37)
  • '0141.p' NX952133 Hannah Moor (141m, p122)
  • '0118.-' NY107298 Harrot Hill (118m, p33.6)
  • '0385.b' NY133247 Hatteringill Head-Whin Fell (385m, p21)
  • '0797.H' NY144107 Haycock (797m, p94)
  • '0597.w' NY193131 Haystacks (Buttermere) (597m, p78)
  • '0543.-' NY199126 Haystacks SE Top (543m, p24)
  • '0183.-' NY044089 Head of Haile (183m, p33)
  • '0506.w' NY132181 Hen Comb (506m, p138)
  • '0562.b' NY117163 Herdus (562m, p3)
  • '0125.-' NY141043 High Birkhow (125m, p57)
  • '0745.H' NY180139 High Crag (Buttermere) (745m, p34.8)
  • '0313.b' NY096202 High Hows (Lamplugh) (313m, p43)
  • '0211.-' NY054194 High Leys (211m, p43)
  • '0247.p' NY042212 High Park (247m, p119)
  • '0475.b' NY109188 High Pen (475m, p18)
  • '0574.s' NY143099 High Pikehow (574m, p2)
  • '0806.W' NY167147 High Stile (806m, p10)
  • '0807.H' NY170148 High Stile (Grey Crag-High Stile) (807m, p362)
  • '0634.n' NY212141 Honister Crag (Black Star) (634m, p21)
  • '0212.-' NY092166 Howside Hill (212m, p44)
  • '0177.-' NY060059 In Fell (177m, p42)
  • '0545.-' NY197128 Innominate Peak (545m, p20.6)
  • '0640.H' NY123119 Iron Crag (Ennerdale Fell) (640m, p54)
  • '0135.-' NX991124 Ivy Hill (135m, p62)
  • '0311.b' NY094181 Kelton Fell (311m, p19)
  • '0296.-' NY080183 Keltonfell Top (296m, p45)
  • '0375.b' NY078116 Kinniside (375m, p16)
  • '0802.H' NY194104 Kirk Fell (802m, p181)
  • '0787.H' NY199107 Kirk Fell East Top (Kirk Fell North Top) (787m, p36)
  • '0750.-' NY201107 Kirk Fell Rib End Point E (750m, p5)
  • '0541.w' NY091119 Lank Rigg (541m, p111)
  • '0354.b' NY074114 Latter Barrow (354m, p13)
  • '0427.b' NY141131 Lingmell (Ennerdale) (427m, p2)
  • '0590.b' NY149155 Little Dodd (Ennerdale) (590m, p9)
  • '0362.b' NY131192 Little Dodd (Loweswater) (362m, p6)
  • '0733.n' NY140109 Little Gowder Crag (733m, p17)
  • '0494.s' NY206132 Little Round How (494m, p16)
  • '0652.s' NY154122 Long Crag (652m, p3)
  • '0628.n' NY186117 Looking Stead (Pillar) (628m, p18.9)
  • '0423.W' NY137226 Low Fell (423m, p266)
  • '0435.b' NY104189 Low Pen (435m, p5)
  • '0519.b' NY120206 Loweswater End-Carling Knott (519m, p7)
  • '0412.b' NY135222 Loweswater Fell (Low Fell) (412m, p12)
  • '0308.-' NY057119 Lowther Park (308m, p31)
  • '0512.W' NY148186 Mellbreak (Mellbreak South Top) (512m, p260)
  • '0509.b' NY143194 Mellbreak North Top (509m, p62)
  • '0582.w' NY150072 Middle Fell (582m, p117)
  • '0833.-' NY157114 Middle Scoat Fell (833m, p3)
  • '0247.-' NY098227 Mockerkin How (247m, p30)
  • '0446.b' NY094190 Murton Fell (Knock Murton) (446m, p140)
  • '0692.-' NY209099 Napes Needle (692m, p13)
  • '0409.b' NY100209 Owsen Fell (409m, p22)
  • '0191.-' NY102256 Pardshaw Crag (191m, p63)
  • '0892.H' NY171121 Pillar (892m, p348)
  • '0843.-' NY173120 Pillar East Ridge Arete (843m, p5)
  • '0853.-' NY173120 Pillar East Ridge Top 1 (853m, p5)
  • '0853.-' NY173120 Pillar East Ridge Top 2 (853m, p10)
  • '0853.-' NY174120 Pillar East Ridge Top 3 (853m, p8)
  • '0760.-' NY178119 Pillar East Top (760m, p10)
  • '0780.n' NY171123 Pillar Rock (780m, p18.3)
  • '0775.-' NY171123 Pisgah (Pillar Rock) (775m, p7)
  • '0315.b' NY081070 Ponsonby Fell (315m, p34)
  • '0755.H' NY160154 Red Pike (Buttermere) (755m, p41.3)
  • '0826.H' NY165106 Red Pike (Wasdale) (826m, p62)
  • '0166.-' NY152233 Redhow Crags (166m, p43)
  • '0648.-' NY176123 Robinson’s Cairn (648m, p4)
  • '0338.b' NY149177 Scale Knott (338m, p10)
  • '0841.H' NY159113 Scoat Fell (841m, p86)
  • '0561.b' NY185134 Seat (561m, p31)
  • '0692.H' NY140084 Seatallan (692m, p193)
  • '0461.s' NY232132 Seatoller Fell (461m, p13)
  • '0544.-' NY203123 Seavy Knott (544m, p25)
  • '0482.b' NY106200 Sharp Knott (482m, p14)
  • '0392.b' NY133237 Smithy Fell (392m, p22)
  • '0411.b' NY134233 Sourfoot Fell (411m, p34)
  • '0111.-' NX979139 Stanley Hill (111m, p34)
  • '0633.H' NY142157 Starling Dodd (633m, p73)
  • '0819.N' NY157116 Steeple (819m, p24)
  • '0322.b' NY078078 Stone Pike (322m, p1)
  • '0345.b' NY079083 Swainson Knott (345m, p132)
  • '0335.b' NY064120 Swarth Fell (Kinniside) (335m, p37)
  • '0103.-' NX997231 Syke Whinns Hill (103m, p24)
  • '0612.s' NY145119 Tewit How (612m, p4)
  • '0052.-' NX985287 The Howe (52m, p42)
  • '0400.-' NY138232 Watching Crag (400m, p5)
  • '0306.s' NY135254 Whin Fell (306m, p15)
  • '0782.s' NY168124 White Pike (782m, p6)
  • '0511.b' NY099128 Whoap (511m, p21)
  • '0303.-' NY054112 Wilton Fell (303m, p33.4)
  • '0143.-' NY026093 Winscales Hill (143m, p50)
  • '0140.-' NY027263* Winscales Hill (140m, p43)
  • '0627.H' NY173084 Yewbarrow (627m, p142)
  • '0616.H' NY175091 Yewbarrow North Top (Stirrup Crag) (616m, p32.8)

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Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills


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