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Clems Hill Bagging List & GPS Waypoints

We now host the Clems Hill Bagging List & GPS Waypoints

After the publication of Dr Eric Yeaman’s Handbook of the Scottish Hills (Wafaida, 1989), E.D. ‘Clem’ Clements set out to extend Yeaman’s criteria to England and Wales. Clem’s original handwritten list, completed in the early 1990s, comprised 1284 hills.

The process of verifying and digitising this handwritten document took many years and involved numerous contributors, notably Rob Woodall, Myrddyn Phillips, Gary Honey, Gordon Adshead and Iain Cameron; Clem made some additions to the list in 2004 and his list formed the basis for later HuMP research in England and Wales.

Clem himself referred to hills on his list as ‘Yeomans’, but here they have been renamed ‘Clems’ in his honour by way of remembering the man and recognising his achievement.

Of the 1298 Clems listed, 1290 are already included in the DoBIH and 8 are new.
View them here…



Author: Phil Newby

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Author: Phil Newby