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Keyword: GPS

Batteries for GPS units  

I’ve tried NiMH batteries (1.2v 1500mA) and found they last around 5 hours tops, NiCd are worse. The best thing I’ve found are Energizer’s AA Lithium batteries, they last for ages & are very very light

Free Digital Maps  

Ordnance Survey have a Get-a-map service; providing a free mapping service of up to 10 maps at various scales subject to accepting their terms and conditions which include displaying a copyright acknowledgement. I personally find these too small to be of much use. Better sources of free maps are or . Click on the map » read more »

Garmin Geko 201  

The GPS of choice for me is the Garmin Geko 201. I like it because it is very light, very small and very easy to use. Its great value for money too. It is basic, but i also think that is a plus point. It tells you where you are, it keeps track of where » read more »

Garmin Nüvi 205WT Sat-Nav  

So we’ve recently upgraded our Satellite Navigation System. We wanted to stick with Garmin cos we liked the Street Pilot so much. We plumped for the nüvi 205WT based on a great review in “Which?” (Feb 2009) were it scored a rating of “Best Buy – Exceptional Value”. Her voice is relaxed and less critical » read more »

Garmin Street Pilot i3 Sat-Nav  

Whilst not related to walking at all; it is still a GPS unit – so i thought i’d mention out Satellite Navigation System (Sat. Nav.). We have the Garmin Street Pilot i3. Its a simple bottom of the range model and so good value for money. It has a patient female voice and we tend to affectionately » read more »

Author: Phil Newby