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Importing your Hills from allows you to export all hills including the date you bagged them into a .CVS file. However this needs a little bit of processing before you can import your hills into haroldstreet. Haroldstreet requires a list of Grid References (6 or 8 figure) of your bagged hills – not all hills. Reduce the size » read more »

The Wainwright Summits  

Introduction The challenge of completing all 214 Wainwright summits as detailed in Alfred Wainwright set of Pictorial Guides is one of the most popular, if not the most popular hill bagging challenges in the UK. The Pictorial Guides were not devised as a Hill Bagging List per se, moreover Wainwright was more about exploring each » read more »

Docharty’s Hill Lists  

William McKnight Docharty was a member of the Scottish Mountaineering Club, the Alpine Club and the Apline Club of Canada. Thirteenth Munroist. William McKnight Docharty’s research is contained in three books. These were privately published in a limited edition as follows: – Main Book 1954 – I understand this to be limited to 260 copies, » read more »

Ordnance Survey Mapping at 1:50k and 1:25k  

A few weeks ago we lost our Ordnance Survey Mapping, but today we’ve found another way of implementing the code and got it back! Above each map you will now see the following links… Enjoy…


I was recently invited to contribute a Guest blog to Myrddyn Phillips’ Mapping Mountains  The article details much of the history of the Haroldstreet site…

Author: Phil Newby