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Alpine Hutting Kit List  

Clothes Boots (Sportiva Trangos) Light Waterproof Jacket (Rab Strech Neo Jacket) Light Waterproof Trousers (Berghaus Packlite full-length zip) Gloves big + small Sun Hat + Warm Hat Light Gaiters (essential in snow) 1 Tee Shirt 2 Long sleeved thermal tops (Helly-hansen) 1 Light Fleece 1 light Down vest (PHD – Ultra Vest) 1 pair zip-off Trousers 1 pair » read more »


An avalanche is a large slide of snow down a mountainside, caused when a buildup of snow is released down a slope.  It is one of the major dangers faced in the mountains in winter. A large avalanche can run for miles, and destroy anything in its path.  For example, in Montroc, France in 1999, » read more »

Berliner Höhenweg 2012  

So this year we thought we’d return to Austria and have another attempt at the “Berliner Höhenweg” also called the “Zillertaler Runde” or even the “Zillertal Rucksack Route” (but not by the locals). We’d attempted this way back in September 2007 but were unexpectedly snowed off.  This time we went in the last week of June and we » read more »

Corsica GR20 2004  

DAY1: To Calenza, via Paris DAY2: to Refuge d’ Ortu du u Piobbu DAY3: to Refuge de Carozzu DAY4: to Haut Asco scariest part of the entire holiday on a wobbly rope bridge! DAY5: to Bergeries de Ballone via the Cirque de Solitude and some interesting via ferratta DAY6: to Hotel Castel di Vergio DAY7: to Refuge de Manganu DAY8: trapped at Refuge » read more »


Glaciers currently cover about 10% of the Earth’s surface and 80% of the fresh water on Earth is frozen in the form of Glacier ice.  There are two main types of glaciers: alpine glaciers (about 1%) which are found in mountain terrain like the Alps, and continental glaciers (about 99%) which are associated with the » read more »

Author: Phil Newby