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HIKING BOOTS: La Sportiva Aequilibrium LT Walking Boots (GTX)

I’ve used Sportiva Trango type boots for years as i can get a good deal as an IML, but i’ve always been a little disapointed by the lack of deapth and agresiveness of the soles.

With the Aequilibrium i feel Sportiva have finally nailed the perfect boot. Its light, stiff and comfortable. The fancy yellow/black lacing is a bit garish but easily replaced with nice flat laces. This is actually worth paying the full price for. They feel very secure and robust on the roughest or icyest terrain. Magnificent!

The boot is C2 and takes either a clip on of strap on crampon, the integral gaiter is OK for small rocks and debries but no replacement for a proper gaiter in snow.

Author: Phil Newby

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Author: Phil Newby