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Hills Database Upgrade to V12.0

Database of British and Irish hills

Major release with new lists and coverage of Ireland.

Now includes a total of 8986 hills: Marilyns, HuMPs, Munros and Tops, Corbetts and Tops, Grahams and Tops, Donalds and Tops, Murdos, Hewitts, Nuttalls, Dillons, Buxton & Lewis, Bridges, Deweys, Donald Deweys, Highland Fives, Myrddyn Deweys, Wainwrights, Birketts and County Tops, with subs and deletions.

Great Britain is now covered down to 490m in height with 20m of drop, and to 90m of drop for lesser heights. Ireland is covered down to 600m in height with 20m of drop, to 490m with 30m of drop, and to 90m of drop for lesser heights. Paddy Dillon’s list of Irish 2000ft hills is also included. We have extended coverage to the Channel Islands, adding three HuMPs and a subHuMP in the newly created section 57. There are now 7819 British hills, an increase of 39% on the previous version, and 1167 Irish Hills.

Thanks to Graham Jackson, Chris Crocker, John Barnard, George Gradwell, Simon Edwardes and Mark Jackson, with Irish data from Jim Bloomer

Author: Phil Newby

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Author: Phil Newby