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Island Bagging?

We now host the GPS waypoints and bagging lists for the Haswell-Smiths Island Summits – These are the highest points of the islands listed in The Scottish Islands by Hamish Haswell-Smith.
To qualify, islands need to have an area of at least 40 hectares and to be an island at all tide states.

We also have Deleted Haswell-Smiths – hill summits on Scottish Islands now linked by bridges or causeways to a larger island but which would formerly have met the criteria laid down in The Scottish Islands. Islands already linked prior to Haswell-Smith devising his list have been added by Jon Metcalf.

As an island is basically a hill where its height is the same as its prominence i’ve added a new url filter (height=prominence) to find all island summits in the database. See here…

This can be used in combination with other url filters to give the “United Kingdom Island High Points” like this…

I hope that is of interest


Author: Phil Newby

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Author: Phil Newby