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Val d’Aosta Alta Via 2 – Italy 2005

Punta Rossa (3630m)

On Punta Rossa (3630m)

We took a plane to Milan, then to Val d’Aosta by train;

  • DAY1: Rifugio Dondena (2200m); from Champorcher (1500m)
  • DAY2: To Lillaz (1617m) via col Finestra di Champorcher (2828m)
  • DAY3: To Rifugio Sella (2584m) via Cogne (1550m)
  • DAY4: Climbed the Punta Rossa (3630m) from Rif. Sella and back.
  • DAY5: To Eaux Rousses (1666m) from Rifugio Sella, via Col Lauson (3296m)
  • DAY6:  To Bruil (1723) via Col de l’Entrelor (3007m)
  • DAY7: To Planaval (1500m) via Col le Fenetre (2840m) and Valgrisenche
  • DAY8: To Rifugio Deffeyes (2494m) via Col de la Crossatie (2850m), Promound (2018m) and col Passo Alto (2860m)
  • DAY9: To La Thuile (1450m) a short and much needed rest day
  • DAY10: To Rifugio Elisabetta (2197m) via col Colle di Chavannes (2603m)
  • DAY11: Walked out to Courmayeur (1220m) in the rain.
  • DAY TRIP: Up to Aiguille du Midi via the Helbronner Cable Car
Rifugio Deffeyes (2494m)

Rifugio Deffeyes (2494m)

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Author: Phil Newby

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Author: Phil Newby