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Phil's Hiking Resources


Paramo Waterproof Kit  

For winter walking & Mountaineering i don’t think you can beat Paramo’s waterproof kit. Is exceptionally breathable and warm too. I found some of the older models a bit on the heavy side if they were spending more time in the rucksack than on, but the recent Velez Adventure range is so much lighter and » read more »

Quo GPS Mapping Software  

Free GPS Mapping software? – well yes, the small catch is you pay for some of the maps. Even so its a very good bit of software and the mapping is very reasonably priced Awarded Best Buy by Computer Shopper and rave reviews in outdoor magazines They are also offering the new free OS OpenData » read more »

Memory Map v 5  

I use Memory Map v.5 – and find it preferable to Anquet. It handles GPX files well (imports & exports). Has excellent UK map coverage at 1:50,000, 1:25,000 and a range of areas of particular interest – e.g Munros, Snowdonia, Lake District etc… To be honest i rarely use it directly with my GPS, but » read more »

Garmin Geko 201  

The GPS of choice for me is the Garmin Geko 201. I like it because it is very light, very small and very easy to use. Its great value for money too. It is basic, but i also think that is a plus point. It tells you where you are, it keeps track of where » read more »

Garmin Nüvi 205WT Sat-Nav  

So we’ve recently upgraded our Satellite Navigation System. We wanted to stick with Garmin cos we liked the Street Pilot so much. We plumped for the nüvi 205WT based on a great review in “Which?” (Feb 2009) were it scored a rating of “Best Buy – Exceptional Value”. Her voice is relaxed and less critical » read more »

Author: Phil Newby