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goldenberryhill 2 

walk down near west kilbride ayrshire 7.6 miles
Owner:  gam, Type: route/track, Area: Scotland.

120906 Diffwys 

Start near Cutiau on the A496 Distance 19.7km Ascent 913m Descent 907m Finish Bontddu
Owner:  tomrobson, Type: route/track, Area: Wales.

Beinn Narnain Beinn Ime 

Start at the carpark at Inverglas, i followed another walkers route from here and can safely agree if you can find an easier way up ...take it. the route through the forest plantation was a nightmare ( i lost my sticks) and took me nearly 4 hours to get to the summit of Beinn Narnain total ascent 5420ft,13.4 miles,and took 8 hours. All that aside ..a great days walking!
Owner:  nigel bartels, Type: route/track, Area: Scotland.

Gray Crag Tarn Crag Branstree Selside 

12.3 miles, starting at Sadgill, a figure of eight round taking in Mosedale Cottage.
Owner:  tithrogel 2011, Type: route/track, Area: England.

121120 Clun to Bishops Castle 

Start from Clun castle car park distance 18.9km ascent 647m descent 636m
Owner:  tomrobson, Type: route/track, Area: England.

Whinfell Beacon and Mabbin Crag 

18.5km. This route goes up Borrowdale (no not that Borrowdale) from the M6 near Tebay to the A6 at Huck's Bridge and then returns along the ridge via Ashstead Fell, Mabbin Crag, Castle Fell, Whinfell Beacon and Grayrigg Forest. Huck's bridge is an alternative start. (Based on a GPS trace recorded on 28/11/12)
Owner:  ninthace, Type: route/track, Area: England.

Lantern Pike from Hayfield, Darl Peak 

Roadsite parking on Valley Road Hayfield, 7.1 miles.
Owner:  Woodford Walkers, Type: route/track, Area: England.

Coombs Edge 

Parking at Coombs reservuoir dam, 8.5 miles, completed 30/11/11
Owner:  Woodford Walkers, Type: route/track, Area: England.

Hollingworthall Moor, Dark peak 

Roadside parking on Hobson Moor Road,6 Miles, completed 3/12/11
Owner:  Woodford Walkers, Type: route/track, Area: England.

Mellor Moor, Dark Peak 

Parking in Brook Bottom village,7.25 miles, completed 7/12/11
Owner:  Woodford Walkers, Type: route/track, Area: England.

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