OSGB Excel routines by Phil Brady  

These spreadsheet routines can import GPX files into a spreadsheet for convenient examination and manipulation, can drastically compact the size of the GPX routes and tracks with minimal loss of resolution and can export data in both GPX and KML format for use with Google Earth. Additionally, there is a comprehensive set of routines for » read more »

Rab Stretch Neo Jacket  

I’m someone who is almost always too hot when moving in more than one layer, and i sweat like a hot badger in a plastic bag. So i tend to get quite wet from condensation in most so-called “breathable” jackets (except Paramo which i find too warm for summer use). Then i get cold when i stop » read more »

HIKING BOOTS: La Sportiva Trango S Evo (GTX)  

A fantastic pair of very light-weight stiff 4 season boots that will take a crampon (great for strap on C1, will just about take a C2 if you are not doing anything really steep). Comfortable out of the box and require no breaking in. Great positive grip on rock, and also feel really confident edging » read more »

Suunto Altimax Altimeter Watch  

I heard somewhere that your compass is the most important piece of navigational equipment. – Well that’s complete rubbish: your map is the most important, closely followed by your watch, and then for me in 3rd place is a good altimeter. A compass is then probably my 4th. The Suunto Altimax is both a great stop-watch for timings and » read more »

Paramo Waterproof Kit  

For winter walking & Mountaineering i don’t think you can beat Paramo’s waterproof kit. Is exceptionally breathable and warm too. I found some of the older models a bit on the heavy side if they were spending more time in the rucksack than on, but the recent Velez Adventure range is so much lighter and » read more »

Author: Phil Newby