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Combining hills from two different bagging lists

Adding two lists together

Adding two Lists

Adding two ListsAdding Lists Together

As well as searching for hills based on their bagging type (specified by the “?list=” URL filter), a second hill type filter can be added (as “&list2=“) to give the total listing of two types of hill. This is the equivalent of adding the two lists together or the “union” of the two sets.

Only hills in both lists

Hills in Both Lists

Hills in Both Lists

And if you use this in conjugation with display=onlyhillsinbothlists you can get the sub-set of hills which only belong to both lists (the intersection of the two sets).

Subtracting one list from another

Subtracting Hills from List

Subtracting Hills from List

Finally there is a new option of  display=hillsnotinlist2 which gives you the sub-set of the hills from the main list but excluding those that are in list 2. The is equivalent of subtracting the 2nd list from the first.

More Options…

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Author: Phil Newby