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Site Disclaimer


It is very important that any walkers do not rely on their GPS as their only means of navigation – that’s a great way to look really stupid when your battery goes down, or you walk off a cliff in poor visibility. These machines are no replacement for map, compass, & the knowledge of how to use them – nor for common sense regarding weather, terrain and appropriate clothing.

I strongly recommend that all users of this information, check it against a map before going anywhere. I take absolutely no responsibility for anything whatsoever which may arise from the use of this information.

Waypoints Files

Some grid references used are only accurate to 6 figures and therefore refer to the SW corner of an AREA of 100m x 100m which contains the summit. This means that the Waypoint maybe up to 142m away from the summit and still be technically correct. There are over 20,000 grid references listed on this site, I’ve checked and revised them as well as i can but there may still be errors. Feedback on inaccuracies would be appreciated, but I don’t wish to get into arguments about which peak may be the “proper” summit of anything

Phil’s Walk Routes and Trackpoint downloads

At least with these, I’ve actually been on each walk, however I still can’t guarantee that the route I may have taken followed any discernable path or right-of-way, nor avoided any bogs or crags. In fact I know they all don’t. I also can’t guarantee the accuracy of any distances and durations quoted. NOTE: I make a careful distinction between a “TRACK” as the record of a walk made in the field with a GPS unit, and a “ROUTE” which is a low resolution string of coordinates planned on a PC with mapping software in advance of the walk – by definition this is much less acurate than a GPS track.

Members’ Routes and Waypoints

Obviously these files have been provided by other people with no system for quality checking at all. I take absolutely no responsibility for them whatsoever.

Don’t go out wthout a map and compass and the ability to use them.


10 responses to “Site Disclaimer”

  1. Ken Rowan says:


    Great site! Thanks. I have sent you a wee donation of a fiver and will do same periodically. I believe sites like yours are so helpful.

  2. Phil Newby says:

    Cheers, it all helps pay for hosting and upkeep.

  3. Ted Richards says:

    A big thank you for helping me out on the Glyders on Saturday. Cloud was down, wind was up high and I turned off Tryfan Blwch too soon and found myself going up a gully of increasing steepness. Thanks to your GPS route loaded on my Garmin Oregon I realised my error and got back on the right path (or scree slope in this intance).


    Ted Richards

  4. Phil Newby says:

    That’s great, its when i get feedback like this then i feel it is all worthwhile.


  5. Andreas says:

    Media assistance writing Travel Guide Wales

    Dear Phil,

    I am a journalist writing a German travel guide on Wales.
    Is there a chance that you could assist me with finding the best hiking tours in Wales?
    Also is there a chance that you would have gps data including waypoints for the hiking routes available I could use?
    It can be raw data too.
    I am adding 15 hiking tours to my guide and if I had gps data available I could more precisely draw the maps for the book.
    I would be glad if you could help me with that request.
    In return I would be glad to add you to my advise and literature list.
    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards,

  6. Phil Newby says:

    Yes – you are welcome to any of these welsh routes with GPX files…

  7. Duncan says:

    Hi Phil,
    I teach a degree level class GPS and was wondering if you would be happy for me to use files from the site and indeed to highlight the site a way of sharing specific GPS information.

  8. Phil Newby says:

    Yes that is fine with me.

  9. Andy says:

    Hi Phil,

    I’m currently putting together a new outdoors website. Would it be OK to use some of your GPX data to illustrate information about the Welsh 3000ers to illustrate a feature we are running? I will send links back and reference your site properly, of course.



  10. Phil Newby says:

    Hi Andy
    Yes that is fine if you reference and link to my site appropriately


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