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Filtering Hills: List all Hills in any given area

In addition to being able to filter all the hills in any given 100km OS Map area like this:

we’ve now also added functionality so you can list the hills in any rectangular area between two grid references like this…

For 6 figure grid-references…
gives all the hills between grid references NY123456 and NY456789. 6 figure grid references give a 100m resolution.

For 2 figure grid-references…
gives the 100km square from the top right quarter of NN (i.e. from the middle at NN500500) to the bottom left right quarter of NJ (i.e. from the middle at NJ500500 including the bottom left corner of NH and the top right corner of NO.  2 figure grid references give a 10km resolution.


Other Grid Reference types also work…

4 figure grid references  can also be used like this… . 4 figure grid references give a 1km resolution


8  figure grid references  can also be used like this… 8 figure grid references give a 10m resolution



Author: Phil Newby

2 responses to “Filtering Hills: List all Hills in any given area”

  1. Conrad says:

    Can you tell me exactly how to filter? What I want to do is establish how many of the Munros qualify as Marilyns (or vice versa)

  2. Phil Newby says:

    This page explains what you want…
    and very specifically the “Marilyn Munros” i.e. the Munros which also have Marilyn status of 150m separation
    are here…

    even more filters are detailed here…

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Author: Phil Newby