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GPS Waypoint & Route Formats


The following File Formats are available for ALL Waypoint Lists and for ALL of Phil’s Routes, links are given for further information on each file type & Software.

  • GPX .gpx Files are easily imported into most GPS / Mapping software including Memory-Map & Map-Source. The “SatMap GPX” waypoints are also in GPX format but are named with the full hill name rather than a unique 6 character coded abreviation
  • GPSU .txt Files This is my particular preference as the lists can be read and edited easily in a text browser in OSGB grid reference format rather than lat / long.
  • Google-Earth .kml Files these can be viewed in Google Earth and Google Map Applications


Additionally: Some of the Waypoint lists are also available in the following legacy formats;

Members’ Contributions are ONLY available in GPX.

7 responses to “GPS Waypoint & Route Formats”

  1. will says:

    Hi please could you help i have a satmap when i download the gpx files nothing shows up on my satmap?
    Its the wainwrights gpx im trying to get.

  2. Phil Newby says:

    I’ve emailed you the Wainrights gpx file.
    Do i understand correctly that you were unable to download this file to your computer, or did you get the file OK but are struggling to transfer it to your Satmap device?


  3. mikesolan says:

    Hi Phil, Ive dowloaded the welsh3000 gpx file to my Satmap and it shows all waypoinst so Ill be using it this summer to attempt the route.
    However when I import the route into Memory Map (2004 version) using Overlay -> Import GPX file, it only displays the 15 summits, rather than a route with all the waypoints between the summits. Can you help?

  4. Phil Newby says:

    Hi Mike
    It looks like the GPX route had an incompatible time-stamp for Memory Map
    I’ve fixed it now.


    Phil Newby
    Mountain GPS Waypoints & Walking Routes

  5. Martin says:


    I’m struggling to get my Garmin Etrex 20 to recognise the GPX for the yorkshire 3 peaks walk. This may be because I have the wrong position format, can you tell me what I should set it to? Any other ideas?

  6. Martin says:

    All sorted now thanks to easygps, though it shouldn’t be necessary for a newer one. Hope Amazon haven’t fobbed me off with old stock. Cheers anyway, Martin.

  7. Phil Newby says:

    Glad you fixed the issue


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