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Improving the accuracy of our data


A fraction of the  hills database data on this site still uses 6 figure grid references (these are less accurate for GPS use.) Those that are are shown with their grid reference in italics with an asterisk like this NN635500*

If you wish to help improve the accuracy of these, members can do so by clicking the grid reference link, to go to the full ‘map view’ of the hill in question.

You should see a square icon around the hill’s top. This represents the area covered by the 6 figure grid reference. Hopefully an actual  spot height or a  cairn may be visible within this square.

If it is, you may ‘click’ the correct spot for the hill top, and then select the 2nd option “Refine waypoint GR here“. You should receive a confirmation that your new data has been accepted and the map will refresh with a target icon signifying the new waypoint location.

You might need to refresh any other windows you had open to ensure they are all also using the new data.

Your input will make things better for all our users.


In addition to the method above, for the P30/Tumps of less than 490m hight then additionally you can directly propose a grid reference using an additional ‘Comment’ button on each individual Tump’s page.


Whilst all our trigpoints have complete 10 figure grid references, sometimes they have been removed or destroyed.
If you find such a Trig, please add a comment to its page and report it as gone.

See this example…
‘TP0750’ SK464252 Bleak House Hill Bleak House Hill (93m) *

* Any trigpoints shown in grey italics in various lists have been reported missing or destroyed

Author: Phil Newby

2 responses to “Improving the accuracy of our data”

  1. John Smart says:

    The Corbett Top Munro, Meall Odhar Mor( Carn na Caim) NN723841 height 834 metres is lower than its western summit NN709832 height
    838 metres(OS 1.25000) I noticed this while crossing the west summit on friday 12th July 2013.

  2. Phil Newby says:

    Thanks – i’ll pass that on to the Hills Database team…

    …and the team said “The western summit is not a Corbett Top because its drop is only 10m.”

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Author: Phil Newby