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Lechtaler Höhenweg – Austria 2008


Scrambling on fixed equipment

2 weeks Hutting in the Lechtaler with Patrick; tough trip with lots of fixed equipment but great fun.

  • Flew out to Munich and got a train to St. Anton am Arlberg – Haus Bachseite was a great place to stay!
  • Day 1: to the Ulmer Hut
  • Day 2: to the Kaiserjochaus
  • Day 3: to the Simms Hut
  • Day 4: to the Ansbacher Hut
  • Days 5 & 6: Two nights at the Memminger Hut
  • Day 7: to the Würtemberger Haus (2220m)
  • Day 8: to the Steinsee Hutte (2061m)
  • Days 9 & 10: Two nights at the Muttekopf Hutte
  • Day 11: Walked out and retuned to St Anton & Haus Bachseite again
  • Days 12 & 13: Did a couple of day trips to some other mountain huts
  • And returned via a night in a Munich ETAP
Lechtaler Höhenweg

Lechtaler Höhenweg

Author: Phil Newby

3 responses to “Lechtaler Höhenweg – Austria 2008”

  1. Alejandro says:

    Hi Phil

    We are just looking for a treck like this. It would be great if you could give me some advice about it.
    Is it very steep? I have been told that it is pretty complicated the track between Asbacher Hutte and Memminger hutte



  2. Phil Newby says:

    Hi Alejandro

    Yes it can all be a bit steep in places – we have some more photos here to give you a feel…
    The photos marked Day 5 are between Asbacher Hutte and Memminger Hutte

    We didn’t find any of it too complicated or scary, but we have quite a lot of experience. I would say that none of it was greater than Grade 1 scrambling (lowest UK climbing grade). The rock was mostly limestone and was quite slippery if wet or muddy. Most of the exposed sections were well protected with fixed equipment.

    We took a rope with us, some large screw-gate HMS carabiners and slings for extra protection but only used them once or twice but they were not essential.

    It was a great trip


  3. Jan Zika says:

    Hi Phil
    Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    I see you also brought crampons, axes etc. Where these necessary? Were there others doing the walk just with hiking gear?

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Author: Phil Newby