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Naming Waypoints


The “GPX Waypoints” are in a GPX format and have the full Hill names for the Waypoints. This is OK with modern GPS devices such as SatMap units.

However many older GPS units require that waypoints have a unique name in 6 characters, this inevitably leads to a coded abbreviation – these files are given under ‘Unique Name’ GPX

 ‘Unique Name’ GPX Waypoints from the Hills Database

For ease of use in the field, I use the height (in metres) as the first 4 characters of the Waypoint’s name as this can be seen on your the map. (The fifth character in the name is just a dot “.” or a letter “a” to “z” to distinguish between hills of the same height giving a unique name.)

Finally I use the 6th character to give some additional information about what kind of hill it is.
For example;

  • Munros have “m“, or “M” if they are also Marilyns,
  • Munro Tops have “t” (there are no Marilyns here),
  • Corbetts have “C” (as they are all Marilyns),
  • Grahams have  “G” (as they are all Marilyns),
  • Donalds (that are not already Grahams or Corbetts) have  “d“,
  • Hewitts have  “h“, or “H” if they are also Marilyns,
  • Nuttalls that aren’t also Hewitts have “n“,
  • Wainwrights that aren’t Hewitts or Nuttalls have “w“, or “W” if they are also Marilyns
  • Birketts that aren’t Wainwrights have “b
  • Synges that aren’t Wainwrights or Birketts  have “s
  • HuMPs that aren’t mentioned above have “p“, or “P” if they are also Marilyns
  • Other hills not mentioned above are “+” if they are Marilyns, or are “” if they are not.

So the Ben Nevis waypoint is called “1344.M” i.e. 1344m high and Munro and a Marilyn.

The full name of each hill, mountain or peak is stored in the comment for each Waypoint but this may not be accessible to your GPS unit.


Trig Point Waypoints

The naming of the Trig. Point Waypoints is entirely arbitrary and is not compatible with any other waypoint on this site.


Other Legacy Waypoint Formats

There are some other legacy waypoint formats and lists still available on this site.  The naming of Waypoints in these files tends to be based around type, area and height but i’ll leave it up to you to work out how !

2 responses to “Naming Waypoints”

  1. Mrs Vicki White says:

    Dears Sirs

    Is it still possible to adopt a Trig Point please?



  2. Phil Newby says:

    No not any more. Ordnance Survey used run a trig pillar adoption and maintenance scheme
    It is up to the individual to contact the landowner and request permission to attend to the Trig point.

    Ordnance Survey would appreciate information of the Trig point’s condition at

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Author: Phil Newby