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New Hills

I’ve added a new filter so you may easily find just the new hills that have been added with Hills Database version 12.0

To do this you need to add the text “&hillnumber=>5636” to the url of the area/list you are interested in looking at
E.g. For the lake district it would be>5636
Or for wales>5636

Or you can just go for>5636 – but that is a very long list

Happy bagging

Author: Phil Newby

2 responses to “New Hills”

  1. Graham Willis says:

    Phil – I’ve been trying to download the Marilyns (v12.0) and Humps as GPX files to import into Quo v2 and I keep getting the error message.

    Error Occured during import:
    GPX:XML parse error at line 515 of ‘E:….my computer file.gpx’ : not well-formed (invalid token)

    I’ve tried doing the download on different machines and operating systems XP, Windows 7 and get the same result. I’ve also tried at different times of day but no change – is it me or you? Any advice?

    It’s not the same for all files, others have downloaded and run ok, but I’ve found it on Historic county tops, Deweys, 490+, Humps, Marilyns, Myddryn Deweys, sub Deweys, Sub Donald Deweys, Sub 490’s & Sub-Humps.

    Graham Willis

  2. Phil Newby says:

    Hi Graham
    Ok i think i’ve fixed it now. It was due to the large number of additional irish hills overwhelming my algorithm for generating unique waypoint names for hills of the same height.

    I’ve improved the algorithm and it seems better now, but i would appreciate if you could test it for me and report back.

    Thanks again for taking the time to report the problem, it was one of those things i might never have noticed myself

    Best Wishes

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Author: Phil Newby