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Tour d’ Monte Rosa July 2008

Theodulpass & Theodul Hut

Theodulpass & Theodul Hut

Theodulpass & Theodul Huette

  • DAY6: Descended to Zermatt on the Theodul Glacier (stayed at Zermatt YHA)
  • DAY7: a rest day looking at Lakes and Goats
  • DAY8: Zermatt to Europahütte


  • DAY9: Took the Europaweg to Grächen (stayed at Ferienhaus Allalin)
  • DAY 10: Grächen – Saas Fee

We stayed in Saas Fee for the rest of the week in Self Catering accommodation, doing day walks and we also bagged the Allalinhorn (4027m)

Author: Phil Newby

2 responses to “Tour d’ Monte Rosa July 2008”

  1. Simon says:

    Hi and thanks for uploading these. Can I ask how was the trip to Theodul hut. Did you travel from trockensteg and was the route clear. Did you use a guide or need to carry ropes?

    I am taking some friends and wish to be sure.


  2. Phil Newby says:

    Hi We walked from Resy to Theodul Hut, via Plan Maison and the Theodul-Pass.
    see this map…
    It was quite poor weather when we did it; with rain, thick new snow, and some fog too. see photo….

    We did not use a guide and did not need a rope to get up to the Theodul Hut, however we did use a rope to walk down the glacier from Theodul Hut to Trockensteg (even though it is supposed to quite a safe glacier, we didn’t take the risk)

    Have a good trip

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Author: Phil Newby