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Clubs & Associations

  • NYLDWA North Yorkshire Long Distance Walkers Association; our regular LDWA group
  • MLTA Mountain Leader Training Association
  • BAIML British Association of International Mountain Leaders

  • Author: Phil Newby

    2 responses to “Clubs & Associations”

    1. Mark says:

      Hi there, firstly great gps data resource, thanks for putting all this stuff online. Will be making a donation to this service shortly.

      One question though, after opening the Glyders gpx file in MapSource v6.161 it appears as a track. Why is this? How do I convert the tract to a route?

      Many thanks

    2. Phil Newby says:

      Quite a lot of the gpx “route” files on this site are recorded tracks rather than actual “Routes” – as these have a much larger number of points and so are more acurate as they are recorded by a GPS unit “in the field”.

      Most GPS programs have some sort of function to convert routes to tracks and tracks to routes. I’ve not used MapSource but i’m sure it will have such a function. Have a look in the help files and FAQs for your software. Otherwise you might want to use a different bit of software – theres plenty of good free ones available.

      Hope that helps

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    Author: Phil Newby