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Area: 46 - North Mayo

Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills

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  • '0110.p' L714927 Achillbeg Island North Top (110m, p109)
  • '0109.p' L716920 Achillbeg Island South Top (109m, p102)
  • '0132.p' F723360* Aghaglasheen (132m, p132)
  • '0255.P' F815443* An Bhinn Bhui (Benwee Head) (255m, p221)
  • '0285.p' F960069* Aroher Hill (285m, p112)
  • '0229.P' F868431* Barr an Digin (Barradeegin) (229m, p194)
  • '0264.P' F810375* Barr na Coilleadh (Barnacuillew) (Barnacuille) (264m, p240)
  • '0582.P' F928013 Bengorm (An Bhinn Ghorm) (582m, p225)
  • '0468.-' F918026* Bengorm NW Top (468m, p44)
  • '0332.p' F544047* Benmore (332m, p138)
  • '0698.H' G024050 Birreencorragh (Birin Corrach) (698m, p583)
  • '0564.-' G024030* Birreencorragh South Top (Birreencorragh Beg) (564m, p60)
  • '0551.-' G014049 Birreencorragh West Top (551m, p37)
  • '0588.P' F995017 Buckoogh (Boc Umhach) (588m, p425)
  • '0388.P' G007086* Bullaunmore (An Bullan Mor) (388m, p174)
  • '0243.P' F814115* Bunmore (Bunmore West) (An Bun Mor) (243m, p204)
  • '0396.p' M127996* Burren (396m, p102)
  • '0269.P' F870246* Carrafull (269m, p160)
  • '0501.p' F858010* Claggan Mountain NE Top (Anaffrin Hill) (Sliabh na Cloigne NE Top) (501m, p144)
  • '0452.P' F782004 Cnoc Leitreach (Owenduff) (Knockletragh) (452m, p305)
  • '0269.p' F607075* Cornaclea Hill (269m, p100)
  • '0714.H' F903031 Corranabinnia (Coire na Binne) (714m, p540)
  • '0681.h' F897026 Corranabinnia SW Top (Corranabinnia W Top) (681m, p58)
  • '0524.p' L754960* Corraun Hill (Cnoc an Chorrain) (524m, p103)
  • '0541.P' L777961 Corraun Hill East Top (541m, p504)
  • '0688.H' F559060 Croaghaun (Cruachan) (688m, p688)
  • '0664.h' F553058 Croaghaun SW Top (Croaghaun West Top) (664m, p40)
  • '0430.P' M098982 Croaghmoyle (An Chruach Mhaol) (430m, p378)
  • '0297.p' G139018* Crucknaree (297m, p100)
  • '0130.-' G154087* Cuilkillew (130m, p97)
  • '0395.P' G170025* Farbreiga (Fear Breige) (395m, p238)
  • '0230.-' F775284* Glencastle Hill (230m, p92)
  • '0628.h' F912058* Glennamong (628m, p139)
  • '0415.-' F926055* Glennamong E Top (415m, p40)
  • '0304.P' F948420* Glinsk (Glinsce) (304m, p178)
  • '0143.p' G242069* Gortnadrehy (143m, p124)
  • '0238.p' F932428* Illanmaster (238m, p134)
  • '0105.p' F934431* Illanmaster Island (105m, p105)
  • '0517.-' G047048* Knockaffertagh (Cnoc Eachmarcaigh) (517m, p93)
  • '0237.P' G117348* Knockaghaleague (Ballycastle Hill) (Cnoc Achadh Liag) (237m, p192)
  • '0154.p' G201033* Knockaglana (154m, p126)
  • '0186.p' G148386* Knockboha (186m, p110)
  • '0370.P' F876198* Knocklettercuss (Leitir Cois) (370m, p212)
  • '0337.P' L690994* Knockmore (An Cnoc Mor) (337m, p259)
  • '0244.P' F801297* Knocknascollop NW Top (Carrowmore Hill) (Cnoc na Scolb) (244m, p232)
  • '0214.P' F680078* Krinnuck (Doogort Hill) (Cruinneog) (Dumha Goirt) (214m, p161)
  • '0279.P' F971095* Lettertrask (Leitir Treasc) (279m, p150)
  • '0379.P' G037368* Maumakeogh (Mam an Cheo) (379m, p294)
  • '0443.-' F877015* Maumthomas NE Top (443m, p55)
  • '0477.-' F870008* Maumthomas SW Top (477m, p39)
  • '0466.P' F661019 Minaun (Menawn) (An Mionnan) (466m, p420)
  • '0427.-' G004043* Mount Eagle (427m, p52)
  • '0220.p' M068956* Muckanagh Hill (220m, p139)
  • '0806.H' G103079 Nephin (Neifinn) (806m, p768)
  • '0627.H' F931102 Nephin Beg (Neifinn Bheag) (627m, p364)
  • '0410.-' F935082* Nephin Beg S Top (410m, p62)
  • '0155.p' F896425* Porturlin Hill (155m, p122)
  • '0295.p' F900197* Sheean (295m, p120)
  • '0282.p' F874098* Sheeanmore (282m, p147)
  • '0329.P' F866131* Slieve Alp (Sliabh Ailp) (329m, p192)
  • '0721.H' F914144 Slieve Carr (Slieve Cor) (Corrshliabh) (721m, p648)
  • '0335.P' F919299* Slieve Fyagh (Sliabh Fioch) (335m, p198)
  • '0671.H' F650086 Slievemore (An Sliabh Mor) (671m, p582)
  • '0182.p' F916414* Srahataggle (182m, p115)
  • '0186.p' F973031* Srahmore (186m, p120)
  • '0282.-' F982070* Srahrevagh North (282m, p96)
  • '0097.-' F838479* Stags of Broad Haven (Central) (97m, p97)
  • '0094.-' F839476* Stags of Broad Haven (Southern) (94m, p94)
  • '0340.P' F959395* Tawnaghmore (An Tamhnach Mhor) (340m, p284)
  • '0531.-' F906121* Tawnyanruddia (Slieve Carr South West Top) (531m, p29)
  • '0103.-' F629193* Termon Hill (103m, p98)
  • '0286.P' L710957* Tievereivagh (Derreen) (Taobh Riabhach) (286m, p250)
  • '0401.p' F954037* Tirkslieve (Glennamong Far SE Top) (Toircshliabh) (401m, p132)
  • '0322.P' G072095* Tristia (Troiste) (322m, p210)

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Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills


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