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Area: 48 - Clare, Limerick and Cork

Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills

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  • '0240.P' M300103* Abbey Hill (Cnoc na Mainistreach) (240m, p164)
  • '0304.p' M255053* Aillwee (304m, p145)
  • '0123.p' L861097 An Droim Rua (Inishmore) (Aran Island) (123m, p123)
  • '0410.-' R083118* Ballinard (410m, p45)
  • '0214.p' R391361* Ballyea Hill (214m, p124)
  • '0412.-' R661737* Ballykildea Mountain (Sliabh Bhaile Mhic Giolla De) (412m, p71)
  • '0401.-' W257852* Ballyvouskill (401m, p34)
  • '0451.P' R111085* Baraveha (Knockanefune) (Barr an Bheithe) (451m, p294)
  • '0267.p' R211711* Ben Dash (267m, p119)
  • '0222.p' M338020* Bouleevin (222m, p124)
  • '0380.P' W376789* Burren (Boireann) (380m, p158)
  • '0416.-' W468903* Bweengduff (416m, p90)
  • '0681.H' W191871 Caherbarnagh (An Chathair Bhearnach) (681m, p364)
  • '0668.-' W187876 Caherbarnagh NW Top (Glanaprehane) (668m, p23)
  • '0378.P' R677922 Cappaghabaun Mountain East (Cappaghabaun Mountain) (378m, p300)
  • '0312.-' M197086* Cappanawalla (312m, p90)
  • '0365.P' M586047* Cashlaundrumlahan (Caislean Dhroim Leathan) (365m, p220)
  • '0452.p' W249890* Claragh Mountain (Clarach) (452m, p128)
  • '0189.p' R252895* Clifden Hill (189m, p102)
  • '0190.p' R272828* Cloontohil (190m, p118)
  • '0425.-' W097833* Coolcurtoga (Carrigaveema) (425m, p90)
  • '0339.p' R762782* Corbally Hill (339m, p103)
  • '0273.P' R409310 Corronoher (273m, p151)
  • '0526.-' R628749* Cragnamurragh (526m, p48)
  • '0355.p' Q897189* Crusline (355m, p133)
  • '0478.-' W228872* Curracahill (478m, p33)
  • '0164.p' W567721* Garravagh North Top (164m, p106)
  • '0316.p' M178094 Gleninagh Mountain (316m, p132)
  • '0292.-' R224270* Glenmore Hill (292m, p98)
  • '0446.-' R635739* Glennagalliagh Mountain (Sliabh Ghleann na gCailleach) (446m, p39)
  • '0106.-' L804113* Inishmore West Top (106m, p91)
  • '0426.-' W158808* Knockacommeen (Cnoc an Choimin) (426m, p46)
  • '0408.p' R255134* Knockacummer (Cnoc an Chomair) (408m, p100)
  • '0263.p' W402738* Knockagreenan (263m, p146)
  • '0205.p' R328974* Knockanes (205m, p120)
  • '0345.P' R216336* Knockanimpaha (Knockanimpuha) (345m, p153)
  • '0266.P' Q910425 Knockanore (Cnoc an Fhomhair) (266m, p238)
  • '0309.P' R535698* Knockanuarha (309m, p170)
  • '0330.p' W016981* Knockatagglemore (Cnoc an Tseagail Mor) (330m, p104)
  • '0434.-' W398857* Knockcraugh (434m, p30)
  • '0288.P' R451361* Knockfeerina (Cnoc Firinne) (288m, p180)
  • '0535.-' W165862 Knocknabro North East Top (Cnoc na Bro barr soir o thuaidh) (535m, p28)
  • '0592.p' W153853 Knocknabro West Top (592m, p145)
  • '0574.-' W185850 Knocknagowan (Cnoc na nGamhann) (574m, p37)
  • '0142.p' W652730* Knocknaheeny (142m, p104)
  • '0204.p' R080944* Knocknalarabana (204m, p116)
  • '0462.-' W224799* Knockullane (Cnoc na nUlan) (462m, p56)
  • '0408.-' W240799* Knockullane E Top (408m, p43)
  • '0400.P' R517910 Maghera (An Machaire) (400m, p332)
  • '0217.P' Q722304* Maulin Mountain (Malainn) (217m, p209)
  • '0262.-' M264077* Moneen Mountain (262m, p90)
  • '0431.-' R093103* Mount Eagle (Croaghane) (Sliabh an Iolair) (431m, p83)
  • '0391.P' W425956* Mount Hillary (Mullach Allaire) (391m, p175)
  • '0136.p' Q857575* Moveen Hill (136m, p119)
  • '0532.P' R648759 Moylussa (532m, p486)
  • '0649.H' W214817 Mullaghanish (Mullach an Ois) (649m, p264)
  • '0558.-' W235824* Mullaghanish Far North East Top (Garraneycarney) (558m, p22)
  • '0586.-' W226827* Mullaghanish NE Top (Mullach an Ois barr soir o thuaidh) (586m, p32)
  • '0405.-' R260198* Mullaghareirk (Mullach an Radhairc) (405m, p87)
  • '0499.p' W309837 Musherabeg (Muisire Beag) (499m, p122)
  • '0643.H' W328849 Musheramore (Muisire Mor) (643m, p437)
  • '0127.p' Q814550* Oldtown Hill (127m, p100)
  • '0116.-' Q800484* Rehy Hill (116m, p91)
  • '0491.-' W359865* Seefin (Sui Finn) (491m, p56)
  • '0491.-' W375863* Seefin E Top (491m, p66)
  • '0344.P' M150044* Slieve Elva (Sliabh Eilbhe) (344m, p280)
  • '0255.-' R122796* Slieveacurry (255m, p98)
  • '0391.P' R144773 Slievecallan (Slaibh Callain) (391m, p368)
  • '0326.P' M324054* Slievecarran (Sliabh Cairn) (326m, p183)
  • '0405.-' R231101* Taur (Bucaura) (Teamhair) (405m, p70)
  • '0694.H' W133855 The Paps East (An Da Chich Anann (An Chioch Thoir)) (694m, p402)
  • '0690.h' W125855 The Paps West (An Da Chich Anann (An Chioch Thiar)) (690m, p106)
  • '0005.-' SM466088* The Smalls (5m, p5)
  • '0322.p' W383940* Tooreen (322m, p106)
  • '0457.P' R736772 Tountinna (Tonn Toinne) (457m, p402)
  • '0285.-' M303068* Turlough Hill (285m, p93)
  • '0310.P' R522634* Woodcock Hill (Cnoc na gCrebhar) (310m, p248)

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Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills


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