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Filters for Waypoints & Bagging Lists

There are far too many waypoints, trigpoints, tumps and other hills in the databases to display them all at once. So at least one filter must be used on any display. There are a number of different ways of filtering the content available and some can be used in conjunction.
(N.B. Some filter conjunctions will always give a null result; e.g. there are no Wainwrights in Scotland or no Corbetts in Wales etc…)

Filtering by Area

Hills & Waypoints can be filtered by area.

Areas can be by country e.g.

by ‘Marilyn Area’ numbers 1 to 57 (with sub-areas) e.g. or

by Ordnance Survey Grid Reference areas “HP” to “TV” e.g.

the full list of “areas” available is given at;
In the left menu bar:

  • Area numbers in orange/red have similar hills  and clicking will take you to those hills in that area with the same filters applied.
  • Area numbers in grey have no hills of the same type, and so clicking will take you to ALL hills in those areas.

Areas can also be excluded for example Marilyns excluding Irish:

(Only filtering by OS area is available to Trigpoints, unless they are also categorized by a hill type.)


Filtering by Hill type

Most Waypoints and Hills can be filtered by their mountain list classifications. E.g.






Trigpoints on Hills (but not all trigpoints, only those on significant hills)

For the full list of available types see…


Filtering by Bagged Status

If you are a member using the online tick lists you can use the “status=” URL filter show either all the hills you’ve climbed, or not climbed, in any particular list or area e.g.

Climbed Munros

or Unclimbed Wainwrights

This can be used with the “user=” filter to see what a sepecific member has bagged in a particular area or list.


Filtering by Height

You can use the “height=” URL filter to filter hills by minimum height in meters. For example;

UK 1000m Mountains

You can use this directly in combination with “max=” URL filter to narrow the filter to a maximum height in meters. For example;

“English Corbetts” are English Marilyns between 762m(2500ft) and 913m(2999ft)

“Welsh Corbetts” are Welsh Marilyns between 762m(2500ft) and 913m(2999ft)

“Irish Corbetts”  are Irish Marilyns between 762m(2500ft) and 913m(2999ft)

 We have also added the filter height=prominence to allow you to filter the highest summit of any island.


Filtering by Prominence

It is also possible to filter by prominence or re-ascent (in meters) using “prominence=” For example;

The Really Big Hills of UK (P609m) a list of British and Irish hills with at least 2000 feet of prominence.

Tumps (P30m) a list of the hills with at least 30m of prominence, including lesser tumps of height <490m

I quite like this one for demonstrating some really significant hills with 3000ft prominence

It is also possible to set an upper limit so this for example will give all the UK Sub-Tumps with seperation between 1 and 29.99m<30

  We have also added the filter prominence=height to allow you to filter the highest summit of any island.


Find by Location

We’ve added a new “find by location” url filter to our Trigpoint & Hill pages. For example the page… will look up the nearest hill (or failing that the nearest trigpoint) within a 20km square of the grid reference provided by the ?g= value
If you only want trigpoints then the same filter works on the trig-bagging pages like this…
Both pages will redirect to Ben Nevis which is a Hill and a trigpoint at NN166712

Or any rectangular area between two grid references like this…
which gives all the hills between SD119888 and NY685282. (two, four, six and eight figure grid references work – see here for more details).

Or any circular area centered around a grid reference (with a radius in kilometers) like this…
e.g. (two, four, six & eight figure grid references work)
which gives all the hills in a circle of 10km radius around the centre grid reference.


Combining Lists

Hills in Both Lists

Hills in Both Lists

There are also some interesting options for adding and subtracting lists from each other detailed here…



Many of these filters can be used in combination with each other.

Try them in combination here: Search with filters…

Happy bagging

6 responses to “Filters for Waypoints & Bagging Lists”

  1. liz m says:

    I’d like to filter the primary trigs for bagging. Is this possible?

  2. Phil Newby says:

    Yes this is possible – this link
    Gives the Primary Trig points that are pillars, but it excludes those Trig points that are buildings such as Lincoln Cathedral.


  3. Jim Fothergill says:

    I’m trying to get lists (eg Marilyns) to exclude Ireland

  4. Phil Newby says:

    Is this the sort of think you were aiming for?


  5. Martin Richardson/oakesave says:

    I like bagging lists by drawing a circle around my house and then bagging them within the circle. For example, I am currently quite near to completing all the P30 Tumps within 100km. Therefore, I shall have to increase the radius of the circle to, say, 120km, which should keep me going for a year or so, as it includes a lot more of Snowdonia and the Lake District.
    Is there a way of altering the ‘Find by Location’ filter to do this easily?

  6. Phil Newby says:

    Yes i’ve added the centre & radius filters now to help you do exactly this…

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