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Area: 53 All List & GPS Waypoints

Area: 53 - Tipperary

Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills

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All List & GPS Waypoints:

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  • '0403.P' R924698* Ballincurra Hill (Cnoc Bhaile an Charraigh) (403m, p190)
  • '0353.P' R789177 Ballyarthur Hill (Cnoc Bhaile Artuir) (353m, p178)
  • '0480.-' R821199 Benard (An Bhinn Ard) (480m, p86)
  • '0455.-' S050788* Benduff (An Bhinn Dubh) (455m, p60)
  • '0228.p' S169827* Black Hill (228m, p100)
  • '0368.p' R790639* Bleanbeg (368m, p111)
  • '0443.-' R804661* Boolatin Top (443m, p38)
  • '0401.P' R700160 Carrigeenamronety (Carraigin na mBrointe) (401m, p226)
  • '0823.-' R850236 Carrignabinnia (Carraig na Binne) (823m, p26.7)
  • '0447.-' R607177 Carron Mountain (447m, p83)
  • '0403.-' R927657* Commaun Beg (403m, p85)
  • '0437.p' R673160 Coolfree Mountain (Sliabh Chuil Fhraoigh) (437m, p128)
  • '0467.P' R902680* Cooneen Hill (Cnoc an Chuainin) (467m, p183)
  • '0408.-' W657957 Corran (An Carn) (408m, p93)
  • '0320.p' R952667* Coumsallahaun (320m, p109)
  • '0460.P' R824574* Cullaun (Collan) (460m, p255)
  • '0405.-' R916626* Cummer (405m, p77)
  • '0641.H' R894262 Cush (Binnia) (Cois) (641m, p176)
  • '0236.p' R759417* Derk Hill (236m, p115)
  • '0480.P' S057744 Devilsbit Mountain (Bearnan Eile) (480m, p344)
  • '0278.p' R781283* Duntryleague Hill (278m, p140)
  • '0388.p' R946559* Falleennafinoga (388m, p110)
  • '0369.p' R707202* Fear Breagach (369m, p112)
  • '0440.P' R895511* Foildarg (An Fhaille Dearg) (440m, p212)
  • '0410.-' R862631* Foilduff (An Fhaill Dubh) (410m, p35)
  • '0799.h' R889240 Galtybeg (Cnoc Beag na nGaibhlte) (799m, p80.3)
  • '0918.H' R878237 Galtymore (Cnoc Mor na nGaibhlte) (918m, p821)
  • '0420.-' R957549* Glenaneagh (420m, p54)
  • '0458.P' S031732* Gortagarry (Ballinveny Hill) (458m, p213)
  • '0418.p' R857522* Gortnageragh (Gort na gCaorach) (418m, p142)
  • '0377.-' R954594* Graniera (377m, p93)
  • '0801.H' R925239 Greenane (An Grianan) (801m, p159)
  • '0786.h' R910239* Greenane West (O’Loughnan’s Castle) (786m, p34)
  • '0760.-' R917238 Greenane WSW Top (An Grianan) (760m, p760)
  • '0362.p' R687197 Keale Mountain (362m, p117)
  • '0694.H' R823667 Keeper Hill (Slievekimalta) (Sliabh Coimealta) (694m, p607)
  • '0445.-' S061760* Kilduff Mountain (Cnoc Na Coille Duibhe) (445m, p29)
  • '0235.p' S111509* Killough (235m, p120)
  • '0402.p' R935708* Knockadigeen Hill (Cnoc Duiginn) (402m, p140)
  • '0427.P' R982584* Knockalough (Cnoc an Loig) (427m, p200)
  • '0411.-' R844668* Knockane (An Cnocan) (411m, p59)
  • '0433.P' S010711* Knockanora (Cnoc an Fhothraigh) (433m, p248)
  • '0582.-' R915257 Knockastakeen (Cnoc an Staicin) (582m, p78)
  • '0444.P' R863560* Knockastanna (Cnoc an Stanna) (444m, p190)
  • '0692.h' R848216 Knockaterriff (Cnoc an Tairbh) (692m, p51.1)
  • '0679.-' R843221 Knockaterriff Beg (Cnoc an Tairbh Beag) (679m, p27.6)
  • '0364.-' R962624* Knockaviltoge (364m, p96)
  • '0433.P' R942525* Knockbane (An Cnoc Ban) (433m, p160)
  • '0601.-' R894219 Knockeenatoung (Cnocin na Teanga) (601m, p68)
  • '0452.-' R844644* Knockfune (An Cnoc Fionn) (452m, p68)
  • '0411.-' R933609* Knockmaroe (Cnoc an Arbha) (411m, p99)
  • '0427.P' W703950 Knocknaskagh (Cnoc na Sceach) (427m, p289)
  • '0406.-' W699961 Knocknaskagh N Top (406m, p42.7)
  • '0204.p' R660476* Knockroe (204m, p128)
  • '0235.p' R754450* Knockseefin (235m, p113)
  • '0413.-' R945541* Lackenacreena (413m, p32)
  • '0629.h' R951250 Laghtshanaquilla (Leacht Sheanchoille) (629m, p34)
  • '0598.-' R957256 Laghtshanaquilla North East Top (Leacht Sheanchoille barr soir o thuaidh) (598m, p24)
  • '0373.-' R986731* Latteragh (373m, p90)
  • '0440.-' R615173 Little Carron (440m, p34)
  • '0600.-' R869242 Lough Curra Mound (600m, p23)
  • '0825.h' R845231 Lyracappul (Ladhar an Chapaill) (825m, p100)
  • '0543.P' R873619* Mauherslieve (Motharshliabh) (543m, p267)
  • '0630.h' R859218 Monabrack (Moin Bhreac) (630m, p97)
  • '0426.-' R966541* Ring Hill (426m, p98)
  • '0447.-' R890197 Seefin (Sui Finn) (447m, p44)
  • '0424.-' W678942* Seefin (Sui Finn) (424m, p40)
  • '0516.-' R653179* Seefin Mountain East Top (Sui Finn) (516m, p40)
  • '0528.P' R644180 Seefin Mountain W Top (Seefin Mountain) (Sui Finn) (528m, p383)
  • '0444.-' R887205 Seefin N Top (Sui Finn N Top) (444m, p39.1)
  • '0479.-' R833694* Silvermine Mountains E Top (479m, p53)
  • '0489.P' R820697* Silvermine Mountains West Top (Silvermine Mountain) (Sliabh an Airgid) (489m, p216)
  • '0427.-' R791579* Slieve Felim (Sliabh Eibhlinne) (427m, p82)
  • '0423.-' R809577* Slieve Felim E Top (423m, p70)
  • '0407.-' R806569* Slieve Felim S Top (407m, p30)
  • '0438.-' R991258 Slieveanard (Sliabh an Aird) (438m, p33)
  • '0449.-' S005264 Slieveanard NE Top (Sliabh an Aird NE Top) (449m, p64)
  • '0775.-' R857239 Slievecushnabinnia (Sliabh Chois na Binne) (775m, p28)
  • '0369.P' R842305* Slievenamuck (Sliabh Muice) (369m, p234)
  • '0465.P' R725252 Slievereagh (The Pinnacle) (An Sliabh Riabhach) (465m, p312)
  • '0542.-' R972253 Sturrakeen (An Starraicin) (542m, p46)
  • '0783.H' R833218 Temple Hill (Cnoc an Teampaill) (783m, p188)
  • '0457.P' R910560* Tooreen Hill (457m, p212)

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Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills


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