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Area: 55 All List & GPS Waypoints

Area: 55 - Wicklow

Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills

Selected mapping: Google or Bing / Ordnance Survey

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All List & GPS Waypoints:

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  • '0454.P' T100680* Annagh Hill (Cnoc an Eanaigh) (454m, p230)
  • '0531.-' T117864 Ballinacor Mountain (Sliabh Bhaile na Corra) (529m, p48.1)
  • '0336.p' O184002* Ballinacorbeg (336m, p102)
  • '0480.-' O165041* Ballinafunshoge (Carrigroe) (Sliabh Boc) (480m, p92)
  • '0284.-' T203917* Ballinastraw (284m, p96)
  • '0652.-' T002907 Ballineddan Mountain (Sliabh Bhuaile an Fheadain) (652m, p25)
  • '0431.P' T028758* Ballycumber Hill (Cnoc Bhaile an Chomair) (431m, p238)
  • '0536.P' T056823* Ballycurragh Hill (536m, p224)
  • '0301.-' O250001* Ballycurry (301m, p94)
  • '0188.p' T314925* Ballyguile Hill (188m, p109)
  • '0288.p' S882946* Ballyhook Hill (288m, p121)
  • '0447.-' T062844* Ballyteige (447m, p84)
  • '0382.P' S885892* Baltinglass Hill (Pinnacle) (Coolinarrig Hill) (Cnoc Bhealach Conglais) (382m, p225)
  • '0280.P' T256790* Barranisky (Ballymoyle Hill) (Barr an Uisce) (280m, p164)
  • '0689.-' T038941* Benleagh (Binn Liath) (689m, p22)
  • '0602.-' O041090 Black Hill (602m, p61.2)
  • '0240.p' O282158 Bray Head Hill (239m, p126)
  • '0222.-' N832012* Brewel Hill (222m, p94)
  • '0557.-' T108990 Brockagh Mountain (Sliabh na Brocai) (557m, p33)
  • '0550.-' T105997 Brockagh Mountain NW Top (550m, p24.2)
  • '0699.h' T081980 Camaderry Mountain (Sliabh Cham an Doire) (699m, p72)
  • '0677.-' T090973* Camaderry SE Top (677m, p15)
  • '0758.h' T023959* Camenabologue (Ceim na mBulog) (758m, p136)
  • '0663.h' T036953* Camenabologue SE Top (Camenabologue East Top) (663m, p38)
  • '0810.-' T026929 Cannow (810m, p810)
  • '0381.P' T232940* Carrick Mountain (381m, p174)
  • '0508.-' T078859* Carrickashane Mountain (508m, p45)
  • '0275.p' O231200 Carrickgollogan (275m, p117)
  • '0650.-' T016990 Carrig (650m, p650.3)
  • '0298.p' S840889* Carrigeen Hill (298m, p103)
  • '0408.-' O047139* Carrigleitrim (Carraig Liatroma) (408m, p50)
  • '0455.-' T118911* Carriglineen Mountain (Sliabh Charraig Linnin) (455m, p85)
  • '0242.p' O233152 Carrigoona Commons East (Carraig Una Thoir) (242m, p103)
  • '0232.P' T093497* Carrigroe Hill (Cnoc na Carraige Rua) (232m, p193)
  • '0573.-' O097051 Carrigshouk (573m, p30.7)
  • '0682.h' O122101 Carrigvore (An Charraig Mhor) (682m, p71)
  • '0294.-' T175976* Castle Kevin (294m, p90)
  • '0544.p' N948012* Church Mountain (Sliabh gCod) (544m, p131)
  • '0800.-' T057919* Cloghernagh (Clocharnach) (800m, p18)
  • '0385.p' S925889* Cloghnagaune (385m, p117)
  • '0238.P' T303867* Collon Hill (Castletimon Hill) (238m, p180)
  • '0734.h' T039972* Conavalla (Ceann an Bhealaigh) (734m, p108)
  • '0258.p' S823873* Corballis Hill (258m, p120)
  • '0531.-' N967002* Corriebracks (Coire Breac) (531m, p79)
  • '0617.-' O090193 Corrig Mountain (An Charraig) (617m, p28)
  • '0794.h' T047910* Corrigasleggaun (Carraig na Sliogan) (794m, p45)
  • '0664.H' T099865 Croaghanmoira (Cruachan Mhaigh Rath) (662m, p208)
  • '0573.-' T094873 Croaghanmoira North Top (580m, p34.4)
  • '0606.P' T130728 Croghan Kinsella (Croghan Mountain) (Cruachan) (606m, p520)
  • '0562.-' T138732 Croghan Kinsella East Top (562m, p21.7)
  • '0379.-' O005205 Cupidstown Hill (Cnoc Bhaile Cupid) (379m, p58)
  • '0400.P' T141830* Cushbawn (Cuislean) (400m, p152)
  • '0022.-' O278262* Dalkey Island (22m, p22)
  • '0476.-' T118954 Derrybawn Mountain (476m, p33)
  • '0726.H' O178103 Djouce (Dioghais) (726m, p204)
  • '0720.h' O093082 Duff Hill (An Cnoc Dubh) (721m, p64.6)
  • '0342.p' O262022* Dunranhill (342m, p105)
  • '0296.p' S971790* Eagle Hill (296m, p110)
  • '0426.-' T111890* Fananierin (Fan an Fhearainn) (426m, p41)
  • '0315.P' S946591* Gibbet Hill (Cnoc na Croiche) (315m, p212)
  • '0586.p' O144206 Glendoo Mountain (Log na hEala) (583m, p106)
  • '0718.h' O104094 Gravale (Droibheal) (718m, p126)
  • '0501.P' O237130 Great Sugar Loaf (O Cualann) (501m, p224)
  • '0523.-' O125033 Kanturk (Brown Mountain) (527m, p26.6)
  • '0653.H' S953897 Keadeen Mountain (Ceidin) (653m, p335)
  • '0249.p' T180808* Killeagh (249m, p125)
  • '0154.p' O260255 Killiney Hill (154m, p117)
  • '0267.p' T098632 Kilmichael Hill (269m, p107)
  • '0217.p' T245909* Kilnamanagh Hill (217m, p142)
  • '0757.H' O115154 Kippure (Cipiur) (757m, p264)
  • '0670.-' O105157 Kippure NW Top (Cipiur) (670m, p670)
  • '0474.-' T139912* Kirikee Mountain (Sliabh Chior Mhic Aodha) (474m, p99)
  • '0401.p' O059233 Knockannavea (401m, p103)
  • '0534.p' O143054 Knocknacloghoge (Cnoc na Clochoige) (532m, p130)
  • '0555.-' O163186 Knocknagun (Cnoc na gCon) (555m, p62)
  • '0342.-' O185159* Knockree (342m, p95)
  • '0357.P' S976710* Lakeen (Cronelea Hill) (Leaicin) (357m, p190)
  • '0342.P' O260144* Little Sugar Loaf (Giolspar) (342m, p245)
  • '0636.h' S978977* Lobawn (Luban) (636m, p110)
  • '0652.h' T072953* Lugduff (Log Dubh) (652m, p93)
  • '0600.-' T066959 Lugduff NW Top (600m, p600)
  • '0637.-' T080949 Lugduff SE Top (Lugduff East Top) (638m, p21)
  • '0595.p' O150074 Luggala (Fancy Mountain) (Log an La) (593m, p100)
  • '0446.-' O012124 Lugnagun (Log na gCon) (446m, p43)
  • '0925.H' T032917 Lugnaquilla (Log na Coille) (925m, p849)
  • '0570.-' O184130* Maulin (Malainn) (570m, p68)
  • '0703.h' O033068* Moanbane (Moin Bhan) (703m, p104)
  • '0206.-' S902639* Monaughrim (206m, p97)
  • '0427.-' T147759* Moneyteige North (427m, p48)
  • '0366.p' O242046 Mount Kennedy (366m, p138)
  • '0003.-' O284267* Muglins Lighthouse (3m, p3)
  • '0661.h' T092939 Mullacor (Mullach Mhor) (661m, p106)
  • '0849.H' O067070 Mullaghcleevaun (Mullach Cliabhain) (847m, p372)
  • '0795.h' O082067 Mullaghcleevaun East Top (796m, p41.4)
  • '0397.P' T011730* Muskeagh Hill (397m, p242)
  • '0179.p' T086416* Oulart Hill (179m, p104)
  • '0388.P' T086791* Preban Hill (388m, p181)
  • '0554.-' O176182 Prince William’s Seat (554m, p41.1)
  • '0509.-' O170072 Robber’s Pass Hill (509m, p22.3)
  • '0397.P' O016228 Saggart Hill (Cnoc Theach Sagard) (397m, p162)
  • '0641.H' O132018* Scarr (Scor) (641m, p232)
  • '0620.-' O132019 Scarr North Top (Scor) (620m, p620)
  • '0647.h' O081196 Seahan (Suiochan) (647m, p93.8)
  • '0621.-' O073162 Seefin (Sui Finn) (621m, p22.3)
  • '0723.h' O086169 Seefingan (Sui Fingain) (723m, p101)
  • '0344.P' S960727* Seskin (An Seisceann) (344m, p152)
  • '0698.h' O023056* Silsean (Soillsean) (698m, p46)
  • '0431.-' O170055* Sleamaine (Sliabh Meain) (431m, p26)
  • '0548.-' T081879 Slieve Maan (Sliabh Meain) (548m, p53)
  • '0422.P' T022571 Slieveboy (An Sliabh Bui) (422m, p304)
  • '0418.P' N948041* Slievecorragh (An Sliabh Corrach) (418m, p152)
  • '0759.h' T017908 Slievemaan (Sliabh Meain) (759m, p55)
  • '0332.p' N952141* Slieveroe (332m, p100)
  • '0600.P' O042118 Sorrel Hill (600m, p155)
  • '0409.P' S919915* Spinans Hill (Eadestown Hill) (Cnoc na Spionan) (409m, p186)
  • '0400.-' S930911* Spinans Hill SE Top (400m, p38)
  • '0714.-' O082026 Stoney Top (714m, p20)
  • '0420.P' S945682* Stookeen (Aghowle Upper) (Stuaicin) (420m, p266)
  • '0701.-' T019972 Table Mountain (701m, p15.3)
  • '0563.-' S993977* Table Mountain West Top (Cawrawn) (563m, p21)
  • '0253.P' T205623* Tara Hill (Torrchoill) (253m, p200)
  • '0466.-' O148222 Tibradden Mountain (Sliabh Thigh Brodain) (466m, p28.2)
  • '0312.P' S852905* Tinoran Hill (Tinoranhill) (Cnoc Theach nOdhrain) (312m, p175)
  • '0682.h' T062982 Tomaneena (Turlough Hill) (Tuaim an Aonaigh) (682m, p49)
  • '0644.h' O159136* Tonduff (Toin Dubh) (644m, p118)
  • '0816.H' O085015 Tonelagee (Toin le Gaoith) (816m, p203)
  • '0668.-' O095019* Tonelagee NE Top (Tonelagee East Top) (668m, p25)
  • '0546.-' O099004 Tonelagee South East Top (Toin le Gaoith barr soir o dheas) (546m, p19.9)
  • '0430.P' T166952* Trooperstown Hill (Maoilin) (430m, p251)
  • '0536.P' O172223* Two Rock Mountain (Fairy Castle) (Sliab Lecga) (536m, p169)
  • '0685.h' O168113 War Hill (Cnoc an Bhairr) (685m, p69.5)
  • '0270.p' T236871* Westaston Hill (270m, p122)
  • '0630.-' O179089* White Hill (630m, p13)

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Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills


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