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Area: 54 All List & GPS Waypoints

Area: 54 - Waterford, Kilkenny and Carlow

Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills

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All List & GPS Waypoints:

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  • '0044.-' X011636* Ballycotton Island (44m, p44)
  • '0177.-' W898974* Ballydorgan (177m, p95)
  • '0314.-' S477752* Ballynalacken Hill (314m, p96)
  • '0600.-' S862525 Black Rock Mountain (600m, p28)
  • '0732.H' S810447 Blackstairs Mountain (Na Staighri Dubha) (732m, p537)
  • '0402.-' S236087* Bleantasour Mountain (Cnoc Bhleantas Odhar) (402m, p37)
  • '0515.P' S697402 Brandon Hill (Cnoc Bhreanail) (515m, p448)
  • '0179.p' S934329* Bree Hill (Cnoc Bri) (179m, p123)
  • '0430.p' S144065 Broemountain (Broe Mountain) (Breo) (430m, p123)
  • '0181.p' S884262* Camaross Hill (181m, p104)
  • '0041.-' X101699* Capel Island (41m, p41)
  • '0253.p' S405749* Caponellan Hill (253m, p129)
  • '0195.-' X093871* Carnglas (195m, p90)
  • '0234.P' S830249* Carrickbyrne Hill (Carraig Bhrain) (234m, p150)
  • '0314.P' S483291* Carricktriss Gorse (314m, p169)
  • '0297.p' S404289 Carrigadoon Hill (297m, p143)
  • '0463.-' S789427* Carrigalachan (Carraig Lachan) (463m, p56)
  • '0767.-' S310121* Carrignagower (Fauscoum North Top) (Carraig na nGabhar) (767m, p24)
  • '0495.-' S793415* Carrigroe (An Charraig Rua) (495m, p32)
  • '0301.P' X174870* Carronadavderg (Carn an Daimh Dheirg) (301m, p286)
  • '0129.-' S680130* Cheekpoint Hill (129m, p90)
  • '0137.-' S542054* Clashabeema (137m, p99)
  • '0336.P' S668740* Clogrennan Hill (Rossmore Hill) (Cnoc Chloch Grianain) (336m, p228)
  • '0349.P' S332655* Clomantagh Hill (Killoshulan) (Cnoc na Cloiche Mantai) (349m, p224)
  • '0265.p' S598304* Coolnahau Hill (265m, p128)
  • '0365.P' S651434* Coppanagh (Sliabh Chopanai) (365m, p214)
  • '0285.p' S501248* Corbally Hill (285m, p104)
  • '0617.h' S282042 Coumaraglin Mountain (Sliabh Chom Airglinn) (617m, p103)
  • '0742.h' S295097 Coumfea (Over Coumalocha) (Com Fia) (742m, p68)
  • '0728.-' S295106 Coumfea North Top (Over Coumalocha North Top) (728m, p21)
  • '0711.-' S281094* Coumfea West Top (Sron Chom Fia) (711m, p17)
  • '0456.p' S834576 Croaghaun (An Cruachan) (456m, p118)
  • '0365.p' S663455* Croghan (365m, p124)
  • '0521.-' S096101* Crohan West (Cruachan) (521m, p78)
  • '0484.P' S275005* Crohaun (Cruachan Deiseach) (484m, p150)
  • '0391.P' S379110* Croughaun Hill (Cruachan Paorach) (391m, p225)
  • '0517.-' R972089 Crow Hill (517m, p20.1)
  • '0317.P' S498895* Cullenagh Mountain (Sliabh Chuileannai) (317m, p152)
  • '0509.p' S788403* Dho Bran (White Mountain) (509m, p135)
  • '0243.p' S455131 Donnell’s Hill (243m, p125)
  • '0156.p' X110939* Dromona Hill (156m, p102)
  • '0283.p' S387349* Faranaree Hill (283m, p126)
  • '0518.-' R967091 Farbreaga (Fear Breige) (518m, p72)
  • '0580.-' S284034 Fargreaga (580m, p580)
  • '0009.-' S465196* Fiddown Island (9m, p7)
  • '0237.P' S980192* Forth Mountain (Sliabh Fothart) (237m, p192)
  • '0332.p' S558885* Fossy Mountain (332m, p123)
  • '0236.-' W909840* Garrylaurence Hill (236m, p97)
  • '0085.-' S575127* Gracedieu Hill (85m, p66)
  • '0058.-' X945963* Great Saltee Island (58m, p58)
  • '0425.-' S863570* Greenoge (An Grianog) (425m, p80)
  • '0792.H' S316105 Kilclooney Mountain (Fauscoum) (792m, p628)
  • '0218.-' S916491* Kilcullen Hill (218m, p96)
  • '0241.p' S146433* Kill Hill (241m, p114)
  • '0211.p' S179203* Kilmacomma Hill (211m, p143)
  • '0009.-' S976319* King’s Island (9m, p7)
  • '0352.p' R969040 Knockadullaun (352m, p125)
  • '0503.-' S303327 Knockahunna (Cnoc an Choinnaidh) (503m, p48)
  • '0238.p' W944850* Knockakeo (238m, p112)
  • '0755.H' S285152 Knockanaffrin (Cnoc an Aifrinn) (755m, p289)
  • '0724.-' S312096 Knockaunapeebra (724m, p16.9)
  • '0313.P' S379710* Knockmannon Hill (313m, p151)
  • '0560.-' S102083 Knockmeal (Seisceann na Maoile) (560m, p57.9)
  • '0792.H' S057084 Knockmealdown (Cnoc Mhaoldomhnaigh) (792m, p678)
  • '0228.p' S776496* Knockmore (228m, p120)
  • '0767.h' S057093 Knockmoylan (Knockshane) (Cnoc Maolain) (767m, p35.1)
  • '0667.H' S094074 Knocknafallia (Cnoc na Faille) (667m, p151)
  • '0667.-' S094075 Knocknafallia (Dillon GR) (667m, p3)
  • '0655.h' S081083 Knocknagnauv (Cnoc na gCnamh) (655m, p62)
  • '0629.h' S019100 Knocknalougha (Knockaunabulloga) (Cnoc na Loiche) (629m, p85)
  • '0340.P' S317549* Knocknamuck (Cnoc na Muc) (340m, p205)
  • '0486.p' S116072* Knocknanask (Cnoc na nEasc) (486m, p128)
  • '0430.-' S137059 Knocknasheega (Cnoc na Sige) (430m, p52)
  • '0177.p' X006952* Knockroe (177m, p119)
  • '0540.-' S819496 Knockroe (Cnoc Rua) (539m, p97.3)
  • '0433.-' S128078 Knocksculloge (Cnoc na Scolog) (433m, p54.3)
  • '0653.H' R999104 Knockshanahullion (Cnoc Seanchuillinn) (653m, p317)
  • '0678.h' S277165 Knocksheegowna (Cnoc Si Ghamhna) (678m, p52)
  • '0193.p' S759281* Lacken Hill (193m, p107)
  • '0007.-' T105073* Lady’s Island (7m, p5)
  • '0520.p' S235181 Laghtnafrankee (Leacht na Francai) (520m, p126)
  • '0425.-' S219171* Laghtnafrankee SW Top (425m, p30)
  • '0028.-' S646112* Little Island (East Waterford) (28m, p28)
  • '0037.-' X967990* Little Saltee Island (37m, p37)
  • '0404.-' S229198* Long Hill (404m, p37)
  • '0451.-' S242101* Milk Hill (Cnoc an Bhainne) (451m, p37)
  • '0284.-' S374618* Monabrogue (284m, p97)
  • '0276.p' S630351* Mount Alto (Cnoc Ruairi) (276m, p147)
  • '0794.H' S826525 Mount Leinster (Stua Laighean) (794m, p726)
  • '0657.h' S844527 Mount Leinster East Top (657m, p32.2)
  • '0208.p' S750654* Newtown Hill (208m, p109)
  • '0726.h' S274068 Seefin (Sui Finn) (726m, p70)
  • '0444.-' S814429* Slievebaun (Sliabh Ban) (444m, p32)
  • '0525.-' S806548 Slievebawn (Sliabh Ban) (525m, p89.7)
  • '0269.P' S727213 Slievecoiltia (Sliabh Coltair) (269m, p190)
  • '0720.H' S297307 Slievenamon (Sliabh na mBan) (720m, p642)
  • '0663.h' S039104 Sugarloaf Hill (Cnoc na gCloch) (663m, p118)
  • '0497.-' S257093* Tooreenmountain (497m, p21)
  • '0292.P' S595222* Tory Hill (Sliabh gCruinn) (292m, p168)
  • '0238.p' S443188* Tower Hill (238m, p118)
  • '0007.-' T226071* Tuskar Rock (7m, p7)

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Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills


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