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  • '0475.w' NY295157 Armboth Fell (475m, p6)
  • '0480.b' NY296159 Armboth Fell (Birkett) (480m, p27)
  • '0559.b' NY298143 Bell Crags (Long Moss) (Blea Tarn Fell) (559m, p32.4)
  • '0494.s' NY297085 Belles Knott (494m, p22)
  • '0357.s' NY315134 Birk Crag (357m, p13)
  • '0541.w' NY301078 Blea Rigg (541m, p11)
  • '0590.w' NY285195 Bleaberry Fell (590m, p42)
  • '0571.s' NY291191 Bleaberry Fell SE Top (571m, p16)
  • '0370.s' NY266177 Brown Dodd (370m, p15)
  • '0463.b' NY305146 Brown Rigg (463m, p31)
  • '0105.-' NY336079 Butharlyp Howe (105m, p29.1)
  • '0537.w' NY301104 Calf Crag (537m, p50)
  • '0404.b' NY299188 Castle Crag (Shoulthwalte) (404m, p12)
  • '0500.b' NY307075 Castle How (Raw Pike) (500m, p23)
  • '0162.-' NY269226 Castlehead (162m, p56)
  • '0732.n' NY288090 Codale Head (732m, p15)
  • '0675.b' NY289129 Coldbarrow Fell-High Saddle (675m)
  • '0463.s' NY290205 Dodd Crag (463m, p6)
  • '0525.w' NY275121 Eagle Crag (525m, p27)
  • '0420.s' NY268171 Ether Knott (420m, p97.8)
  • '0421.b' NY304163 Fisher Crag (421m, p18)
  • '0246.-' NY358048 Fox How (246m, p38)
  • '0420.w' NY316100 Gibson Knott (420m, p8.8)
  • '0194.-' NY256175 Grange Crags (194m, p41)
  • '0417.w' NY264162 Grange Fell (Brund Fell) (417m, p42.2)
  • '0499.s' NY307078 Great Castle How (499m, p12)
  • '0449.w' NY270146 Great Crag (Stonethwaite) (449m, p32)
  • '0736.H' NY281074 Harrison Stickle (736m, p53)
  • '0405.w' NY326093 Helm Crag (405m, p70)
  • '0452.s' NY273138 High Crag (452m, p14)
  • '0762.H' NY280095 High Raise (High White Stones) (762m, p283)
  • '0343.b' NY307214 High Rigg (High Rigg South Top) (343m, p16)
  • '0357.W' NY308219 High Rigg (Naddle Fell) (357m, p189)
  • '0339.-' NY309213 High Rigg SE Top (339m, p35)
  • '0608.W' NY287180 High Seat (608m, p136)
  • '0515.w' NY289165 High Tove (515m, p16)
  • '0392.b' NY258166 King’s How-Grange Fell (392m, p66)
  • '0402.s' NY266143 Knotts (402m, p40.1)
  • '0414.b' NY318070 Lang How (414m, p28)
  • '0230.-' NY358053 Lanty Scar (230m, p40)
  • '0542.b' NY283112 Lining Crag (542m, p2)
  • '0481.s' NY309075 Little Castle How (481m, p13)
  • '0155.-' NY343039 Little Loughrigg (155m, p43)
  • '0682.n' NY277071 Loft Crag (682m, p23.6)
  • '0335.W' NY346051 Loughrigg Fell (335m, p172)
  • '0277.-' NY303227 Low Rigg (277m, p55)
  • '0656.n' NY288133 Low Saddle (656m, p21)
  • '0731.b' NY282100 Low White Stones (731m, p4)
  • '0547.s' NY267082 Martcrag Moor (547m, p8)
  • '0484.b' NY287157 Middle Crag (484m, p5)
  • '0483.s' NY296109 Middle How (483m, p8)
  • '0700.N' NY284079 Pavey Ark (700m, p15)
  • '0360.s' NY286217 Pike (360m, p2)
  • '0396.s' NY288068 Pike Howe (396m, p4)
  • '0708.H' NY273073 Pike of Stickle (708m, p53)
  • '0461.w' NY303187 Raven Crag (461m, p44)
  • '0736.W' NY286088 Sergeant Man (736m, p12)
  • '0571.w' NY273113 Sergeant’s Crag (571m, p45)
  • '0233.-' NY264184 Shepherds Crag (233m, p36)
  • '0491.b' NY288153 Shivery Knott (491m, p9)
  • '0395.w' NY324066 Silver How (395m, p31)
  • '0611.b' NY296133 Standing Crag (611m, p1)
  • '0553.w' NY319111 Steel Fell (Dead Pike-Steel Fell) (553m, p80)
  • '0411.b' NY314070 Swinescar Pike (411m, p18)
  • '0411.-' NY313071 Swinescar Pike Northwest Summit (411m, p9)
  • '0506.-' NY289075 Tarn Crag (506m, p22)
  • '0549.w' NY303093 Tarn Crag (Easedale) (549m, p4)
  • '0446.b' NY302193 The Benn (Sippling Crag) (446m, p50.7)
  • '0644.b' NY279071 Thorn Crag (644m, p9.7)
  • '0723.N' NY279079 Thunacar Knott (723m, p27)
  • '0715.-' NY279081 Thunacar Knott North Top (715m, p2)
  • '0224.-' NY358042 Todd Crag (224m, p32.1)
  • '0726.H' NY291121 Ullscarf (726m, p118)
  • '0379.w' NY276212 Walla Crag (379m, p24)
  • '0515.b' NY289148 Watendlath Fell (Long Moss) (515m, p15)
  • '0472.s' NY297072 Whitegill Crag (472m, p5)
  • '0311.b' NY315201 Wren Crag (311m, p21)
  • '0508.b' NY311125 Wythburn Fell (508m, p8)

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