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  • '0056.-' NY041373 Alavna Roman Fort (56m, p43)
  • '0845.n' NY324283 Atkinson Pike (Foule Crag) (845m, p16)
  • '0673.w' NY266307 Bakestall (673m, p7)
  • '0246.-' NY350388 Banks (246m, p53.6)
  • '0684.H' NY335290 Bannerdale Crags (684m, p38)
  • '0660.-' NY331293 Bannerdale Crags North Top (660m, p10)
  • '0263.-' NY235332 Bassenthwaite Hill (263m, p49)
  • '0447.W' NY225355 Binsey (447m, p242)
  • '0501.s' NY308354 Birk Hill (501m, p5)
  • '0868.H' NY323277 Blencathra-Hallsfell Top (868m, p461)
  • '0702.H' NY333305 Bowscale Fell (702m, p87)
  • '0604.s' NY347310 Bowscale Fell Far East Top (604m, p7)
  • '0586.w' NY288351 Brae Fell (586m, p14)
  • '0832.b' NY261298 Broad End (832m, p4.1)
  • '0132.-' NY050329 Broughton Moor (132m, p68)
  • '0595.b' NY282328 Burn Tod (595m, p2)
  • '0570.s' NY288280 Burnt Horse (570m, p13)
  • '0289.-' NY195371 Caermote Hill (289m, p59)
  • '0747.N' NY254280 Carl Side (747m, p28.3)
  • '0540.-' NY257272 Carlsleddam (540m, p5)
  • '0662.H' NY341336 Carrock Fell (662m, p89.9)
  • '0306.s' NY256341 Castle How (306m, p10.5)
  • '0255.-' NY161355 Clints Crags (255m, p58)
  • '0245.-' NY159352 Clints Crags (Wainwright summit) (245m, p10)
  • '0505.b' NY259314 Cockup (505m, p5)
  • '0627.b' NY310327 Coomb Height (627m, p6)
  • '0088.-' NY074381 Crosby Hill (88m, p56.3)
  • '0502.w' NY244273 Dodd (Skiddaw) (502m, p110)
  • '0742.b' NY327277 Doddick Fell (742m, p2)
  • '0622.s' NY318341 Drygill Head (622m, p3)
  • '0345.b' NY386294 Eycott Hill (345m, p26)
  • '0344.s' NY299407 Faulds Brow (344m, p26)
  • '0625.b' NY287332 Frozen Fell (625m)
  • '0095.-' NY113408 Gallowbarrow Hill (95m, p32)
  • '0852.n' NY317273 Gategill Fell Top (852m, p18.1)
  • '0690.H' NY290311 Great Calva (690m, p142)
  • '0526.w' NY273333 Great Cockup (526m, p90)
  • '0616.N' NY310339 Great Lingy Hill (616m, p18)
  • '0651.W' NY291339 Great Sca Fell (651m, p13)
  • '0630.-' NY295341 Great Scafell East Top (630m)
  • '0321.b' NY258374 Green How-Aughertree Fell (321m, p34)
  • '0303.s' NY396283 Greenah Crag (303m, p6)
  • '0365.-' NY406337 Greystoke Forest (365m, p33.5)
  • '0050.-' NY125473 Hards Farm Hill (50m, p35)
  • '0538.b' NY277298 Hare Crag (538m, p12)
  • '0627.n' NY315343 Hare Stones (627m, p16)
  • '0658.H' NY318350 High Pike (Caldbeck) (658m, p68)
  • '0366.-' NY391307 Highbanks (Murrah Hill) (366m, p94.1)
  • '0278.-' NY377284 How Top (278m, p27.8)
  • '0308.s' NY372341 Hutton Roof (308m, p6)
  • '0735.b' NY274274 Jenkin Hill (735m, p4)
  • '0710.H' NY296329 Knott (710m, p242)
  • '0805.b' NY311270 Knowe Crags (Blease Fell) (805m, p14.7)
  • '0368.w' NY279247 Latrigg (368m, p73)
  • '0322.s' NY245355 Latrigg (322m, p66.5)
  • '0642.b' NY282314 Little Calva (642m, p14.2)
  • '0399.b' NY261337 Little Cockup (399m, p7)
  • '0332.b' NY385300 Little Eycott Hill (332m, p12)
  • '0600.s' NY301333 Little Lingy Hill (600m, p5)
  • '0633.b' NY289342 Little Sca Fell (633m, p9)
  • '0312.s' NY387277 Lofshaw Hill (312m, p24)
  • '0734.H' NY248284 Long Side (734m, p40)
  • '0483.w' NY275354 Longlands Fell (483m, p37)
  • '0715.H' NY285271 Lonscale Fell (715m, p50)
  • '0703.b' NY288272 Lonscale Pike (Lonscale Fell East Top) (703m, p8)
  • '0509.b' NY278347 Lowthwaite Fell (509m, p30)
  • '0311.s' NY266353 Lowthwaite Fell West Top (311m, p23)
  • '0549.w' NY283337 Meal Fell (549m, p29.3)
  • '0316.s' NY272369 Mickle Rigg (316m, p13)
  • '0610.n' NY303338 Miller Moss (Little Lingy Hill) (610m, p19.8)
  • '0607.b' NY329341 Miton Hill (607m, p17)
  • '0046.-' NY267508 Moorhouse Hall Top (46m, p30.6)
  • '0251.-' NY144363 Moota Hill (251m, p58)
  • '0632.w' NY311292 Mungrisdale Common (632m, p2.4)
  • '0348.b' NY256334 Orthwaite Bank (348m, p7)
  • '0078.-' NY321540 Parson’s Thorn (78m, p36)
  • '0598.s' NY303320 Pike (598m, p7)
  • '0603.b' NY334337 Round Knott (603m, p10)
  • '0666.n' NY276286 Sale How (666m, p18)
  • '0373.p' NY266398 Sandale Hill (373m, p117)
  • '0682.b' NY331278 Scales Fell (682m, p11)
  • '0930.H' NY260290 Skiddaw (930m, p705)
  • '0865.H' NY266277 Skiddaw Little Man (865m, p61)
  • '0929.b' NY260288 Skiddaw Middle Top (929m, p10.1)
  • '0924.b' NY260292 Skiddaw North Top (924m, p1.1)
  • '0926.b' NY260286 Skiddaw South Top (926m, p3.3)
  • '0815.b' NY268275 Skiddaw-Lesser Man (815m, p4)
  • '0522.w' NY354291 Souther Fell (522m, p87)
  • '0519.s' NY351287 Souther Fell South Top (519m, p15)
  • '0285.-' NY196376 St. John’s Hill (Caermote Hill N Top) (285m, p7)
  • '0361.-' NY420317 Summerground Crags (361m, p33)
  • '0665.b' NY340310 Tarn Crags Top (Bowscale Fell East Top) (665m, p14)
  • '0553.b' NY347301 The Tongue (553m, p12)
  • '0690.W' NY244287 Ullock Pike (690m, p14.4)
  • '0303.-' NY338411 Warnell Fell (303m, p54)
  • '0333.b' NY240303 Watches (333m, p8)
  • '0511.s' NY332355 West Fell (511m, p3)
  • '0464.b' NY271323 White Hause (464m, p4)

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