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  • '0433.w' NY393149 Arnison Crag (433m, p32)
  • '0295.-' NY443243 Bennethead Banks (295m, p49)
  • '0319.s' NY429217 Birk Crag (319m, p10)
  • '0725.b' NY364198 Birkett Fell (725m, p2)
  • '0718.N' NY363159 Birkhouse Moor (718m, p22.3)
  • '0705.-' NY360157 Birkhouse Moor Extreme South Top (705m, p5)
  • '0707.-' NY365163 Birkhouse Moor North Top (707m, p10)
  • '0705.-' NY361158 Birkhouse Moor South Top (705m, p5)
  • '0624.N' NY380143 Birks (624m, p20.3)
  • '0635.-' NY381102 Black Brow (635m, p4)
  • '0373.b' NY392210 Bracken How (373m, p21)
  • '0610.b' NY327176 Brown Crag (610m, p10)
  • '0551.b' NY377194 Brown Hills (551m, p11)
  • '0859.s' NY332156 Browncove Crags (859m, p3)
  • '0305.s' NY408265 Brownhow Hill (305m, p16)
  • '0660.b' NY330211 Calfhow Pike (660m, p9)
  • '0339.b' NY321196 Castle Rock (339m, p29)
  • '0890.H' NY348158 Catstye Cam (890m, p62.4)
  • '0726.H' NY333225 Clough Head (726m, p108)
  • '0455.s' NY381225 Cockley Moor (455m, p38)
  • '0823.b' NY358120 Cofa Pike (823m, p13)
  • '0552.b' NY382204 Common Fell (552m, p18)
  • '0302.s' NY451275 Dacre Bank (302m, p40)
  • '0859.H' NY346130 Dollywaggon Pike (859m, p50.3)
  • '0845.-' NY344131 Dollywaggon Pike NW Top (845m, p10)
  • '0792.H' NY374104 Dove Crag (792m, p50)
  • '0240.-' NY467246 Dunmallet (Dunmallard Hill) (240m, p80)
  • '0610.-' NY376117 Erne Nest Crag (Blake Brow) (610m, p4)
  • '0873.H' NY358117 Fairfield (873m, p300)
  • '0512.b' NY392124 Gale Crag (512m, p13)
  • '0784.b' NY372134 Gavel Pike (784m, p4)
  • '0442.w' NY380175 Glenridding Dodd (442m, p45)
  • '0481.p' NY407217 Gowbarrow Fell (481m, p100)
  • '0481.w' NY407218 Gowbarrow Fell (Wainwright summit) (481m, p9)
  • '0464.s' NY407213 Gowbarrow Park (464m, p18)
  • '0857.H' NY342205 Great Dodd (857m, p109)
  • '0785.-' NY340200 Great Dodd South Top (785m, p1)
  • '0333.b' NY313187 Great How (Thirlmere) (333m, p140)
  • '0437.b' NY414223 Great Meldrum (437m, p41)
  • '0537.W' NY396253 Great Mell Fell (537m, p198)
  • '0766.H' NY355104 Great Rigg (766m, p31)
  • '0439.b' NY408209 Green Hill-Gowbarrow Park (439m, p5)
  • '0794.N' NY352187 Green Side (White Stones-Green Side) (794m, p28.9)
  • '0342.s' NY428219 Hagg Hill (Hagg Wood) (342m, p34)
  • '0823.H' NY368112 Hart Crag (823m, p51.2)
  • '0756.N' NY359197 Hart Side (756m, p23)
  • '0740.-' NY363195 Hart Side South-East Top (740m, p10)
  • '0584.w' NY383120 Hartsop Above How (Gill Crag-Hartsop Above How) (584m, p27)
  • '0950.H' NY342151 Helvellyn (950m, p713)
  • '0925.N' NY337155 Helvellyn Lower Man (925m, p18.4)
  • '0612.b' NY373178 Heron Pike (Glenridding) (612m, p9)
  • '0612.n' NY355083 Heron Pike (Rydal) (612m, p21)
  • '0621.N' NY357086 Heron Pike North Top (Rydal Fell) (621m, p22.4)
  • '0575.b' NY367214 High Brow (575m, p24)
  • '0884.b' NY343136 High Crag (Grisedale) (884m, p8.7)
  • '0519.w' NY393107 High Hartsop Dodd (519m, p3)
  • '0656.w' NY374088 High Pike (Scandale) (656m, p6)
  • '0311.s' NY385162 Keldas (311m, p35)
  • '0785.b' NY337204 Little Dodd (St John’s Common) (785m)
  • '0637.H' NY387100 Little Hart Crag (Little Hart Crag-West Top) (637m, p34)
  • '0612.-' NY384101 Little Hart Crag West Top (612m, p7)
  • '0404.b' NY422227 Little Meldrum (404m, p19)
  • '0505.W' NY423240 Little Mell Fell (505m, p226)
  • '0497.b' NY374215 Low How (497m, p18)
  • '0508.w' NY373078 Low Pike (508m, p18)
  • '0541.s' NY364222 Matterdale Common (541m, p17)
  • '0654.w' NY397095 Middle Dodd (654m, p14)
  • '0450.w' NY355072 Nab Scar (450m, p2)
  • '0891.N' NY343142 Nethermost Pike (891m, p29.1)
  • '0883.H' NY342174 Raise (883m, p91.6)
  • '0729.b' NY348210 Randerside (729m, p9)
  • '0754.s' NY394085 Raven Crag (754m)
  • '0776.H' NY396087 Red Screes (776m, p260)
  • '0387.b' NY391208 Round How (387m, p26)
  • '0610.-' NY356095 Rydal Fell 1st Top (610m, p6)
  • '0614.-' NY356093 Rydal Fell 2nd Top (614m, p9)
  • '0615.-' NY356091 Rydal Fell 3rd Top (615m, p10)
  • '0605.-' NY356090 Rydal Fell 4th Top (605m, p1)
  • '0289.-' NY454239 Salmond’s Hill (289m, p41)
  • '0625.-' NY380098 Scandale Head (High Bakestones) (625m, p6)
  • '0737.H' NY344115 Seat Sandal (737m, p151)
  • '0676.H' NY369181 Sheffield Pike (676m, p93)
  • '0644.s' NY390075 Snarker Pike (644m, p6)
  • '0290.-' NY450245 Soulby Fell (290m, p43)
  • '0284.-' NY458253 Soulby Fell North Top (284m, p36)
  • '0841.H' NY369133 St Sunday Crag (841m, p160)
  • '0673.s' NY353175 Stang (673m, p2)
  • '0474.s' NY381113 Stangs (474m, p17)
  • '0504.w' NY347092 Stone Arthur (504m, p3)
  • '0863.h' NY350149 Striding Edge (High Spying How) (863m, p31.2)
  • '0844.H' NY343189 Stybarrow Dodd (844m, p68.9)
  • '0840.-' NY341186 Stybarrow Dodd South Top (841m, p10)
  • '0553.b' NY379197 Swineside Knott (553m, p15)
  • '0274.-' NY435217 The Knotts (274m, p48)
  • '0332.s' NY319162 The Swirls (332m, p7)
  • '0514.b' NY330230 Threlkeld Knotts (514m, p18)
  • '0542.s' NY379202 Watermillock Common (542m, p7)
  • '0424.b' NY424233 Watermillock Fell (Little Mell Fell South Top) (424m, p40)
  • '0789.w' NY335195 Watson’s Dodd (789m, p11)
  • '0627.s' NY339229 White Pike (627m, p6)
  • '0863.H' NY337166 White Side (863m, p43.1)

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