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Corbett Twenty Fives List & GPS Waypoints

Corbett Twenty Fives - first published in The Rucksack Club Journal 1911 (based on Bartholomew Map), 1912 update , 1929 (based on OS 1 inch map and 50 foot contours) and 1933 update. The first ever bagging list for England and Wales.
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Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills, Moss data courtesy of Nick Wakelam & Richard Moss

Selected mapping: Google or Bing / Ordnance Survey

Map Legend: :Corbett Twenty Fives

Corbett Twenty Five List & GPS Waypoints:

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  • '0785.H' NY236085 Allen Crags (785m, p60)
  • '0885.H' SH867242 Aran Benllyn (885m, p50)
  • '0905.H' SH862223 Aran Fawddwy (905m, p670)
  • '0854.H' SH827369 Arenig Fawr (854m, p479)
  • '0836.n' SH826366 Arenig Fawr South Top (836m, p22)
  • '0807.N' SH672677 Bera Bach (807m, p17.8)
  • '0794.N' SH674682 Bera Mawr (794m, p29.7)
  • '0828.H' NY166116 Black Crag (828m, p34)
  • '0801.s' NY165101 Black Crag (801m, p7)
  • '0868.H' NY323277 Blencathra-Hallsfell Top (868m, p461)
  • '0903.H' NY244064 Bowfell (903m, p148)
  • '0868.-' NY244067 Bowfell Centre Top (868m, p12)
  • '0866.n' NY244070 Bowfell North Top (866m, p15)
  • '0796.N' SD270985 Brim Fell (796m, p19.6)
  • '0935.H' NY218075 Broad Crag (935m, p57.7)
  • '0782.-' SD271980 Buckbarrow Crag (782m, p1)
  • '0832.H' SJ071323 Cadair Berwyn (832m, p346)
  • '0827.N' SJ072327 Cadair Berwyn North Top (827m, p19)
  • '0783.H' SJ077346 Cadair Bronwen (783m, p73.3)
  • '0893.H' SH711130 Cadair Idris-Penygadair (893m, p608)
  • '0777.-' NT903195 Cairn Hill (777m, p10)
  • '1044.H' SH662630 Carnedd Dafydd (1044m, p111)
  • '1064.H' SH683643 Carnedd Llewelyn (1064m, p750)
  • '0821.H' SH620627 Carnedd y Filiast (821m, p76)
  • '0890.H' NY348158 Catstye Cam (890m, p62.4)
  • '0971.-' SH675632 Cefn Ysgolion East Top (971m, p1)
  • '0970.-' SH671630 Cefn Ysgolion West Top (Black Ladders) (970m, p1)
  • '0872.N' SO007213 Corn Du (872m, p28.2)
  • '0839.H' NY192203 Crag Hill (Eel Crag) (839m, p116)
  • '0790.-' SJ077335 Craig Berwyn (boundary) (790m)
  • '0794.-' SJ074333 Craig Berwyn South Top (794m, p4)
  • '0792.H' SH710121 Craig Cwm Amarch (792m, p79.2)
  • '0826.n' SO005207 Craig Gwaun Taf (Duwynt) (826m, p16.1)
  • '0762.-' SO066201 Craig Pwllfa (Waun Rydd South Top) (762m, p2)
  • '0923.H' SH624551 Crib Goch (923m, p65)
  • '1065.H' SH610551 Crib y Ddysgl (1065m, p72)
  • '0795.H' SO023213 Cribyn (795m, p130)
  • '0834.H' NY250045 Crinkle Crags South Top (First Crinkle) (834m, p32)
  • '0859.H' NY248048 Crinkle Crags-Long Top (Second Crinkle) (859m, p139)
  • '0893.H' NY687343 Cross Fell (893m, p651)
  • '0811.H' SH703133 Cyfrwy (811m, p32)
  • '0859.H' NY346130 Dollywaggon Pike (859m, p50.3)
  • '0792.H' NY374104 Dove Crag (792m, p50)
  • '0778.H' SD262977 Dow Crag (778m, p129)
  • '0771.H' SH708695 Drum (771m, p48.4)
  • '0762.-' SH862212 Drws Bach (762m, p5)
  • '0795.-' SH603613 Elidir Fach (795m, p9)
  • '0924.H' SH611612 Elidir Fawr (924m, p212)
  • '0872.H' SH864233 Erw y Ddafad-ddu (872m, p38)
  • '0885.H' NY236075 Esk Pike (885m, p112)
  • '0873.H' NY358117 Fairfield (873m, p300)
  • '0802.+' SN825217 Fan Brycheiniog-Trig Point (802m, p4)
  • '0975.H' SH688659 Foel Grach (975m, p41.7)
  • '0944.H' SH696681 Foel-fras (944m, p62.8)
  • '0831.H' SH628612 Foel-goch (831m, p76)
  • '0798.-' SH627607 Foel-goch South Top (798m, p6)
  • '0925.H' SH686669 Garnedd Uchaf (Carnedd Gwenllian) (925m, p33)
  • '0784.b' NY372134 Gavel Pike (784m, p4)
  • '0781.-' NY247105 Glaramara North Top (781m, p12)
  • '0779.H' SH836194 Glasgwm (779m, p215)
  • '0994.H' SH656582 Glyder Fach (994m, p74.5)
  • '1001.H' SH642579 Glyder Fawr (1001m, p642)
  • '0852.H' NY174203 Grasmoor (852m, p518)
  • '0785.N' NY270009 Great Carrs (785m, p20)
  • '0857.H' NY342205 Great Dodd (857m, p109)
  • '0785.-' NY340200 Great Dodd South Top (785m, p1)
  • '0848.H' NY710321 Great Dun Fell (848m, p76)
  • '0910.H' NY226083 Great End (910m, p56.1)
  • '0899.H' NY211103 Great Gable (899m, p425)
  • '0766.H' NY355104 Great Rigg (766m, p31)
  • '0802.s' NY154112 Great Scoat Fell (802m, p2)
  • '0801.H' NY214107 Green Gable (801m, p50)
  • '0794.N' NY352187 Green Side (White Stones-Green Side) (794m, p28.9)
  • '0773.H' NY260003 Grey Friar (773m, p78)
  • '0791.H' NY198225 Grisedale Pike (791m, p189)
  • '0823.H' NY368112 Hart Crag (823m, p51.2)
  • '0779.H' NY459093 Harter Fell (Mardale) (779m, p149)
  • '0797.H' NY144107 Haycock (797m, p94)
  • '0950.H' NY342151 Helvellyn (950m, p713)
  • '0925.N' NY337155 Helvellyn Lower Man (925m, p18.4)
  • '0884.b' NY343136 High Crag (Grisedale) (884m, p8.7)
  • '0802.H' NY448134 High Raise (High Street) (802m, p88)
  • '0762.H' NY280095 High Raise (High White Stones) (762m, p283)
  • '0806.H' NY170148 High Stile (Grey Crag-High Stile) (806m, p361)
  • '0828.H' NY440110 High Street (828m, p373)
  • '0770.H' NY185221 Hopegill Head (770m, p97.2)
  • '0931.H' NY223073 Ill Crag (931m, p48.6)
  • '0780.N' NY447125 Kidsty Pike (780m, p15)
  • '0802.H' NY194104 Kirk Fell (802m, p181)
  • '0787.H' NY199107 Kirk Fell East Top (Kirk Fell North Top) (787m, p36)
  • '0794.H' NY721302 Knock Fell (794m, p48)
  • '0805.b' NY311270 Knowe Crags (Blease Fell) (805m, p14.7)
  • '0807.H' NY209081 Lingmell (807m, p72)
  • '0842.H' NY704330 Little Dun Fell (842m, p61)
  • '0849.H' SH689692 Llwytmor (849m, p73)
  • '0857.-' NY210057 Long Green Scafell (857m, p5)
  • '0775.n' NY245101 Looking Steads (Glaramara) (775m, p22)
  • '0767.H' NY771290 Meldon Hill (767m, p65)
  • '0790.H' NY806245 Mickle Fell (790m, p212)
  • '0783.H' SH564469 Moel Hebog (783m, p585)
  • '0817.-' SH829372 Moel Llechwedd (817m, p5)
  • '0872.H' SH705546 Moel Siabod (872m, p599)
  • '0827.H' SJ066318 Moel Sych (827m, p33.9)
  • '0770.H' SH658448 Moelwyn Mawr (770m, p385)
  • '0863.H' SH727136 Mynydd Moel (863m, p67)
  • '0766.-' SH705117 Mynydd Pencoed (766m, p12)
  • '0813.N' SH623618 Mynydd Perfedd (813m, p20)
  • '0891.N' NY343142 Nethermost Pike (891m, p29.1)
  • '0799.H' SH716622 Pen Llithrig y Wrach (799m, p180)
  • '0886.H' SO012215 Pen y Fan (886m, p672)
  • '0800.H' SO229287 Pen y Gadair Fawr (800m, p47)
  • '0833.H' SH697630 Pen yr Helgi Du (833m, p84.7)
  • '0978.H' SH655619 Pen yr Ole Wen (978m, p45)
  • '0840.-' SH869247 Pen-aran (840m, p9)
  • '0892.H' NY171121 Pillar (892m, p348)
  • '0760.-' NY178119 Pillar East Top (760m, p10)
  • '0780.n' NY171123 Pillar Rock (780m, p18.3)
  • '0883.H' NY342174 Raise (883m, p91.6)
  • '0792.H' NY443128 Rampsgill Head (792m, p41)
  • '0826.H' NY165106 Red Pike (Wasdale) (826m, p62)
  • '0776.H' NY396087 Red Screes (776m, p260)
  • '0762.-' NY220068 Rough Crags East Top (762m, p7)
  • '0768.-' NY220068 Rough Crags West Top (768m, p13)
  • '0773.H' NY198202 Sail (773m, p32)
  • '0964.H' NY206064 Scafell (964m, p132)
  • '0978.H' NY215072 Scafell Pike (978m, p912)
  • '0841.H' NY159113 Scoat Fell (841m, p86)
  • '0815.H' NY249053 Shelter Crags (815m, p31)
  • '0776.n' NY249057 Shelter Crags North Top (776m, p15.7)
  • '0930.H' NY260290 Skiddaw (930m, p705)
  • '0865.H' NY266277 Skiddaw Little Man (865m, p61)
  • '0762.W' NY209050 Slight Side (762m, p14)
  • '1085.H' SH609543 Snowdon-Yr Wyddfa (1085m, p1039)
  • '0841.H' NY369133 St Sunday Crag (841m, p160)
  • '0819.N' NY157116 Steeple (819m, p24)
  • '0763.H' NY417100 Stony Cove Pike (Caudale Moor) (763m, p171)
  • '0863.h' NY350149 Striding Edge (High Spying How) (863m, p31.2)
  • '0844.H' NY343189 Stybarrow Dodd (844m, p68.9)
  • '0841.-' NY341186 Stybarrow Dodd South Top (841m, p10)
  • '0802.H' NY272005 Swirl How (802m, p120)
  • '0815.H' NT909205 The Cheviot (815m, p556)
  • '0810.-' NT913207 The Cheviot North East Top (810m, p1)
  • '0765.-' NY458088 The Knowe (Harter Fell South Top) (765m, p1)
  • '0802.H' SD272978 The Old Man of Coniston (Coniston Old Man) (802m, p415)
  • '0784.H' NY431100 Thornthwaite Crag (784m, p31)
  • '0918.H' SH664593 Tryfan (918m, p191)
  • '0774.H' NY188197 Wandope (774m, p30.5)
  • '0789.w' NY335195 Watson’s Dodd (789m, p11)
  • '0811.H' SO215299 Waun Fach (811m, p622)
  • '0769.H' SO062206 Waun Rydd (769m, p170)
  • '0763.H' NY288011 Wetherlam (763m, p145)
  • '0863.H' NY337166 White Side (863m, p43.1)
  • '0805.H' SH677582 Y Foel Goch (805m, p63)
  • '0751.-' SH672584 Y Foel Goch North-West Top (751m, p2)
  • '0947.H' SH630595 Y Garn (947m, p236)
  • '0898.H' SH622533 Y Lliwedd (898m, p154)
  • '0865.-' SH680673 Yr Aryg (865m, p2)
  • '0962.H' SH673651 Yr Elen (962m, p57)

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Total = 158 Corbett Twenty Fives
Data courtesy of the Database of British and Irish Hills, Moss data courtesy of Nick Wakelam & Richard Moss


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