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Historic County top List & GPS Waypoints

Historic County tops - The highest point within (or sometimes on) the boundary of each county. Based on the traditional list of counties from which people usually take their local cultural identity. Note that these were never abolished, they just ceased to have administrative function.
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Historic County top List & GPS Waypoints:

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  • '0906.H' SH862223 Aran Fawddwy (906m, p671)
  • '0224.p' SP540587 Arbury Hill (224m, p102)
  • '0527.P' S232989 Arderin (Ard Eireann) (527m, p420)
  • '0257.p' SU728957 Bald Hill (257m, p125)
  • '0280.P' SK460131 Bardon Hill (280m, p172)
  • '0105.-' TG183414 Beacon Hill (105m, p79)
  • '0721.G' NN902006 Ben Cleuch (721m, p595)
  • '1214.M' NN635414 Ben Lawers (1214m, p915)
  • '0974.M' NN367028 Ben Lomond (974m, p820)
  • '1309.M' NN988989 Ben Macdui (Beinn Macduibh) (1309m, p950)
  • '0998.M' NC318201 Ben More Assynt (998m, p835)
  • '1345.M' NN166712 Ben Nevis (Beinn Nibheis) (1345m, p1344)
  • '0943.M' NN295124 Ben Vorlich (943m, p632)
  • '0729.H' L785539 Benbaun (729m, p686)
  • '0251.-' TQ435563 Betsom’s Hill (251m, p15)
  • '1149.M' NN143542 Bidean nam Bian (1149m, p844)
  • '0248.P' SE821570 Bishop Wilton Wold (248m, p205)
  • '0280.P' SU919296 Black Down (280m, p191)
  • '0582.P' SE076046 Black Hill (582m, p165)
  • '0704.H' SO255353 Black Mountain (704m, p155)
  • '0652.G' NT315483 Blackhope Scar (652m, p283)
  • '0081.-' TL047711 Boring Field (81m)
  • '0515.P' S697402 Brandon Hill (Cnoc Bhreanail) (515m, p448)
  • '0840.C' NT146235 Broad Law (840m, p653)
  • '0540.P' SO593867 Brown Clee Hill (540m, p373)
  • '0420.P' SX158799 Brown Willy (420m, p314)
  • '0747.-' NY787375 Burnhope Seat-Trig Point (747m, p0.1)
  • '0153.-' TQ151939 Bushey Heath (153m, p80)
  • '0832.H' SJ071323 Cadair Berwyn (832m, p346)
  • '0743.-' NT895193 Cairn Hill West Top (Hangingstone Hill) (743m, p5)
  • '0312.P' NS987711 Cairnpapple Hill (312m, p167)
  • '0710.G' NJ139298 Carn a’ Ghille Chearr (710m, p179)
  • '1183.M' NH123261 Carn Eighe (1183m, p1147)
  • '0659.G' NH891291 Carn Glas-choire (659m, p251)
  • '1039.H' V803844 Carrauntoohil (1039m, p1038)
  • '0519.-' SK026699 Cheeks Hill (boundary) (519m)
  • '0147.-' TL443361 Chrishall Common (147m, p15)
  • '0679.H' SO258294 Chwarel y Fan (679m, p72)
  • '0330.P' SO996245 Cleeve Hill (330m, p234)
  • '0197.-' SK827085 Cold Overton Park (197m, p11)
  • '0278.P' N187842 Corn Hill (Carn Clainne Aodha) (278m, p207)
  • '0600.P' SN906031 Craig y Llyn (600m, p393)
  • '0321.p' NX236736 Craigairie Fell (Craig Airie Fell) (321m, p109)
  • '0666.H' H123280 Cuilcagh (Binn Chuilceach) (666m, p605)
  • '0748.G' NT052290 Culter Fell (748m, p350)
  • '0379.-' O005205 Cupidstown Hill (379m, p57)
  • '0248.P' TQ331130 Ditchling Beacon (248m, p214)
  • '0519.P' SS891415 Dunkery Beacon (519m, p414)
  • '0243.p' TL008194 Dunstable Downs (243m, p105)
  • '0261.p' SP187426 Ebrington Hill (261m, p111)
  • '0751.H' B928207 Errigal (An Earagail) (751m, p685)
  • '0781.-' SN821223 Fan Foel (781m, p4)
  • '0536.P' SN094311 Foel Cwmcerwyn (536m, p344)
  • '0918.H' R878237 Galtymore (Cnoc Mor na nGaibhlte) (918m, p821)
  • '1068.M' NO166765 Glas Maol (1068m, p195)
  • '0875.C' NR991415 Goatfell (Goat Fell) (875m, p875)
  • '0146.-' TL427386 Great Chishill (146m, p8)
  • '0660.H' SO182638 Great Rhos (660m, p379)
  • '0129.-' TL788558 Great Wood (129m, p38)
  • '0039.-' TL467752 Haddenham village (39m, p37)
  • '0136.-' TQ262862 Hampstead Heath (136m, p50)
  • '0950.H' NY342151 Helvellyn (950m, p713)
  • '0622.H' SX580892 High Willhays (622m, p537)
  • '0522.P' NS273630 Hill of Stake (522m, p486)
  • '0220.P' SH218829 Holyhead Mountain (220m, p220)
  • '0497.P' NO032073 Innerdouny Hill (497m, p228)
  • '0636.H' SK084875 Kinder Scout (636m, p496)
  • '0757.H' O115154 Kippure (Cipiur) (757m, p262)
  • '0782.-' NX419871 Kirriereoch Hill (boundary) (782m, p2)
  • '0705.H' W004620 Knockboy (An Cnoc Bui) (705m, p609)
  • '0792.H' S057084 Knockmealdown (Cnoc Mhaoldomhnaigh) (792m, p678)
  • '0295.P' TQ139431 Leith Hill (295m, p246)
  • '0279.P' ST437011 Lewesdon Hill (279m, p187)
  • '0925.H' T032917 Lugnaquilla (Log na Coille) (925m, p849)
  • '0535.P' NT581617 Meikle Says Law (535m, p267)
  • '0532.-' NT581616 Meikle Says Law (boundary) (532m)
  • '0843.C' NX427855 Merrick (843m, p705)
  • '0790.H' NY806245 Mickle Fell (790m, p212)
  • '0294.p' SU104643 Milk Hill (294m, p147)
  • '0555.P' SJ161626 Moel Famau (555m, p278)
  • '0827.H' SJ066318 Moel Sych (827m, p33.9)
  • '0706.G' ND004285 Morven (706m, p574)
  • '0778.C' NO549844 Mount Battock (778m, p286)
  • '0794.H' S826525 Mount Leinster (Stua Laighean) (794m, p726)
  • '0532.P' R648759 Moylussa (532m, p486)
  • '0261.p' N469793 Mullaghmeen (Mullach Min) (261m, p133)
  • '0814.H' L789668 Mweelrea (Maol Reidh) (814m, p778)
  • '0205.-' SK456606 Newtonwood Lane (boundary) (205m)
  • '0168.P' TF121964 Normanby Top (The Wolds) (168m, p162)
  • '0244.-' SP914091 Pavis Wood (244m)
  • '0886.H' SO012215 Pen y Fan (886m, p672)
  • '0286.-' SU397601 Pilot Hill (286m, p45)
  • '0008.-' TF278286 Pinchbeck Marsh (8m, p5)
  • '0752.H' SN789869 Pumlumon Fawr (Plynlimon) (752m, p526)
  • '0081.-' TF035041 Racecourse Road (81m)
  • '0450.P' HU305834 Ronas Hill (450m, p450)
  • '0678.H' H617973 Sawel (Samhail Phite Meabha) (678m, p580)
  • '0978.H' NY215072 Scafell Pike (978m, p912)
  • '0412.-' G904195 Seltannasaggart (SE slope) (Corry Mountain (SE slope)) (412m)
  • '0373.-' H531435 Slieve Beagh South East Top (Slieve Beagh East) (Eshbrack) (373m, p5)
  • '0850.H' J357276 Slieve Donard (Sliabh Donairt) (850m, p825)
  • '0589.P' J168120 Slieve Foye (Sliabh Fea) (589m, p507)
  • '0576.P' J024203 Slieve Gullion (Sliabh gCuilinn) (576m, p454)
  • '0276.P' N586775 Slieve na Calliagh (Sliabh na Cailli) (276m, p178)
  • '0621.P' SC397880 Snaefell (621m, p621)
  • '1085.H' SH609543 Snowdon-Yr Wyddfa (1085m, p1039)
  • '0242.P' SZ568785 St Boniface Down (242m, p242)
  • '0815.H' NT909205 The Cheviot (815m, p556)
  • '0802.H' SD272978 The Old Man of Coniston (Coniston Old Man) (802m, p415)
  • '0550.P' D179235 Trostan (550m, p510)
  • '0647.H' G758473 Truskmore (Trosc Mor) (647m, p560)
  • '0631.-' G763470 Truskmore SE cairn (Truskmore E cairn) (631m, p2)
  • '0152.-' SK889231 Viking Way (152m)
  • '0297.P' SU373616 Walbury Hill (297m, p188)
  • '0481.P' HY228022 Ward Hill (481m, p481)
  • '0092.-' TM029512*Wattisham Airfield (92m, p2)
  • '0268.P' SP890089 Wendover Woods (Haddington Hill) (268m, p180)
  • '0522.P' NO197066 West Lomond (522m, p405)
  • '0737.H' SD738815 Whernside (737m, p408)
  • '0821.C' NT163150 White Coomb (821m, p374)
  • '0425.P' SO768452 Worcestershire Beacon (425m, p337)

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