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Deleted Corbetts List & GPS Waypoints

Deleted Corbetts - Hills previously on the Corbetts list but now removed - usually because of improved mapping. (Not included in deleted if they are included in the 'Subs' list). (an older classification from HDB v10)
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Map Legend: :Deleted Corbetts

Deleted Corbett List & GPS Waypoints:

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  • '0827.y' NN717805 An Dun (827m, p5)
  • '0902.p' NN462710 Beinn a’ Chumhainn (902m, p145)
  • '0810.p' NM929835 Beinn an Tuim (810m, p147)
  • '0762.G' NM625347 Beinn Talaidh (762m, p430)
  • '0915.M' NN361859 Beinn Teallach (915m, p301)
  • '0879.y' NG956087 Buidhe Bheinn West Top (879m, p57)
  • '0781.p' NH485063*Carn Easgann Bana (781m, p142)
  • '0862.y' NO164976 Carn Liath (862m, p33.1)
  • '0811.p' NH584112 Carn na Laraiche Maoile (811m, p107)
  • '0756.G' NJ302278 Cook’s Cairn (756m, p212)
  • '0892.p' NN429995 Corrieyairack Hill (892m, p135)
  • '0830.d' NT168247 Cramalt Craig (830m, p147)
  • '0870.p' NM791791 Druim Fiaclach (870m, p125)
  • '0804.p' NM881683 Druim Garbh (804m, p143)
  • '0787.D' NX420869 Kirriereoch Hill (787m, p150)
  • '0825.p' NN174951 Meall Coire nan Saobhaidh (825m, p103)
  • '0794.p' NO110674 Meall Uaine (794m, p147)
  • '0919.M' NH018756 Ruadh Stac Mor (919m, p167)
  • '0887.p' NO115825 Sgor Mor (887m, p132)
  • '0885.p' NG958110 Sgurr a’ Bhac Chaolais (885m, p121)
  • '0895.y' NG931044 Sgurr nan Eugallt East Top (895m, p26.4)

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