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Sub-Hewitts List & GPS Waypoints

Sub-Hewitts - Hills falling short of being Hewitts on drop by 10m or less.
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Sub-Hewitt List & GPS Waypoints:

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  • '0653.N' SO078189 Allt Lwyd (653m, p27.7)
  • '0695.n' NY802003 Archy Styrigg (Gregory Chapel) (695m, p28)
  • '0699.N' NY725276 Backstone Edge (699m, p26)
  • '0653.-' T002907 Ballineddan Mountain (Sliabh Bhuaile an Fheadain) (653m, p27)
  • '0636.-' V713754 Beann Far SW Top (Cloonwest) (636m, p24.1)
  • '0673.-' V598682 Beann na Stiocairi (673m, p19.7)
  • '0620.N' NY762350 Bellbeaver Rigg (620m, p28.7)
  • '0691.-' T038941*Benleagh (Binn Liath) (691m, p21)
  • '0807.N' SH672677 Bera Bach (807m, p17.8)
  • '0798.-' Q468107 Binn Ard (Brandon South Top) (798m, p29)
  • '0687.-' L781519*Binn Bhraoin Central Top (Benbreen Central Top) (Benbreen North Top) (687m, p26)
  • '0612.-' L902520 Binn Mhairg (612m, p21.9)
  • '0718.N' NY363159 Birkhouse Moor (718m, p22.3)
  • '0624.N' NY380143 Birks (624m, p20.3)
  • '0673.n' NY487103 Branstree NE Top (Branstree East Top) (High Howes (Mardale)) (673m, p24)
  • '0796.N' SD270985 Brim Fell (796m, p19.6)
  • '0973.-' V789840 Caher West Top (973m, p24.1)
  • '0668.-' W187876 Caherbarnagh NW Top (Glanaprehane) (668m, p23)
  • '0643.N' SH857444 Carnedd Llechwedd-llyfn (Llechwedd-llyfn) (643m, p25)
  • '0767.-' S310120*Carrignagower (767m, p26)
  • '0697.N' NY132109 Caw Fell (697m, p22)
  • '0614.N' SH975266 Cefn Gwyntog (614m, p26.7)
  • '0683.n' NY258035 Cold Pike West Top (683m, p20.1)
  • '0735.h' NY249109 Combe Head (735m, p31.2)
  • '0872.N' SO007213 Corn Du (872m, p28.2)
  • '0617.-' O090193 Corrig Mountain (An Charraig) (617m, p28)
  • '0728.-' S295106 Coumfea North Top (728m, p22)
  • '0735.n' SH713654 Craig Eigiau (735m, p20.9)
  • '0622.n' SH730608 Craiglwyn (622m, p21.4)
  • '0690.n' SH659443 Craigysgafn (690m, p26.6)
  • '0681.n' SH663248 Crib-y-rhiw (681m, p29)
  • '0643.n' SH648229 Diffwys West Top (643m, p21.7)
  • '0641.N' NY163157 Dodd (Buttermere) (641m, p20.6)
  • '0648.-' V969795*Dromderalough NE Top (Mangerton Mountain South Top) (648m, p25)
  • '0635.N' NY643406 Fiend’s Fell (635m, p27.2)
  • '0614.h' SH661348 Foel Penolau (614m, p31.9)
  • '0688.n' SJ102330 Foel Wen South Top (688m, p21.6)
  • '0619.N' SH642532 Gallt y Wenallt (619m, p22)
  • '0700.N' SH511495 Garnedd-goch (700m, p24)
  • '0802.-' Q468087 Gearhane (802m, p25)
  • '0679.N' SJ094307 Godor (679m, p24.9)
  • '0785.N' NY270009 Great Carrs (785m, p20)
  • '0628.n' SD702821 Green Hill (628m, p25.2)
  • '0756.N' NY359197 Hart Side (756m, p23)
  • '0619.N' NY411118 Hartsop Dodd (619m, p25)
  • '0612.n' NY355083 Heron Pike (Rydal) (612m, p21)
  • '0621.N' NY357086 Heron Pike North Top (Rydal Fell) (621m, p22.4)
  • '0634.n' NY212141 Honister Crag (Black Star) (634m, p20.9)
  • '0688.N' SD809991 Hugh Seat (688m, p23)
  • '0612.-' V536860 Kells Mountain East Top (Knocknadobar Far East Top) (612m, p28)
  • '0679.-' R843221 Knockaterriff Beg (679m, p27.6)
  • '0676.N' SD731919 Knoutberry Haw (676m, p19.7)
  • '0704.N' NY184227 Ladyside Pike (704m, p29.2)
  • '0740.N' NY250033 Little Stand (740m, p25)
  • '0720.n' SH606567 Llechog (720m, p28)
  • '0682.n' NY277071 Loft Crag (682m, p23.6)
  • '0628.n' NY186117 Looking Stead (Pillar) (628m, p18.9)
  • '0775.n' NY245101 Looking Steads (Glaramara) (775m, p22)
  • '0656.n' NY288132 Low Saddle (656m, p19.5)
  • '0638.-' T080949 Lugduff SE Top (638m, p20)
  • '0695.n' SJ080317 Moel yr Ewig (695m, p24.2)
  • '0813.N' SH623618 Mynydd Perfedd (813m, p20)
  • '0891.N' NY343142 Nethermost Pike (891m, p29.1)
  • '0646.N' SO213257 Pen Twyn Glas (646m, p20.1)
  • '0624.N' SH721688 Pen y Castell (624m, p29)
  • '0713.N' SO211333 Rhos Dirion (713m, p22.3)
  • '0612.n' NY255118 Rosthwaite Fell (Rosthwaite Cam) (612m, p24)
  • '0741.n' NY218081 Round How (741m, p23)
  • '0621.-' O073162 Seefin (Sui Finn) (621m, p22.3)
  • '0895.-' Q461125 Sliabh a’ Choimin (Brandon North Top) (895m, p23.4)
  • '0629.-' Q507057 Slievanea SW Top (629m, p22.4)
  • '0775.-' R857239 Slievecushnabinnia (Sliabh Chois na Binne) (775m, p28)
  • '0630.N' SH969279 Stac Rhos (630m, p25)
  • '0819.N' NY157116 Steeple (819m, p24)
  • '0714.-' O082026 Stoney Top (714m, p24)
  • '0863.h' NY350149 Striding Edge (High Spying How) (863m, p31.2)
  • '0852.-' V797858 Stumpa Barr na hAbhann (Skregmore East Top) (852m, p23.3)
  • '0959.n' NY207067 Symonds Knott (959m, p20.9)
  • '0760.-' V604833*Teeromoyle Mountain (Teermoyle Mountain) (Sliabh Thir O mBaoill) (760m, p27)
  • '0723.N' NY279079 Thunacar Knott (723m, p27)
  • '0741.N' SJ085335 Tomle (741m, p20.9)
  • '0667.-' O095019*Tonelagee NE Top (Tonelagee East Top) (667m, p22)
  • '0611.N' SH941284 Trum y Gwragedd (Trum y Gwrgedd) (611m, p24.4)
  • '0668.N' NY928046 Water Crag (668m, p25)
  • '0613.N' SD254957 White Maiden (613m, p24.8)
  • '0633.N' SH551526 Y Garn (633m, p21)
  • '0619.N' SN988216 Y Gyrn (619m, p27.3)
  • '0619.n' SX580901 Yes Tor (619m, p23.7)

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