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Sub-Murdos List & GPS Waypoints

Sub-Murdos - Hills falling short of being Murdos on drop by 10m or less.
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Map Legend: :Sub-Murdos

Sub-Murdo List & GPS Waypoints:

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  • '0975.t' NN188665 An Garbhanach (975m, p25.3)
  • '1049.t' NN386845 Beinn a’ Chaorainn South Top (1049m, p25.7)
  • '0973.-' NN486790 Beinn a’ Chlachair East Top (973m, p24.1)
  • '0960.-' NN378449 Beinn a’ Chreachain North Top (960m, p20.2)
  • '1000.-' NN326409 Beinn an Dothaidh West Top (1000m, p23)
  • '0928.t' NO052972 Beinn Bhreac West Top (928m, p20.6)
  • '1110.-' NN962923 Beinn Bhrotain East Top (1110m, p27.2)
  • '1163.-' NJ018011 Beinn Mheadhoin SW Top (Beinn Mheadhoin South Top) (1163m, p20)
  • '0928.t' NG834131 Beinn Sgritheall NW Top (928m, p26)
  • '0949.-' NN421391 Beinn Sheasgarnaich North Top (949m, p23.4)
  • '1138.-' NJ125013 Ben Avon West Top (Ben Avon SW Top) (1138m, p23)
  • '0974.-' NC315201 Ben More Assynt West Top (974m, p25)
  • '0941.-' NN290258 Ben Oss North Top (941m, p25.5)
  • '0932.t' NN294130 Ben Vorlich North Top (932m, p27.4)
  • '0917.t' NG465252 Bhasteir Tooth (Basteir Tooth) (917m, p22)
  • '1043.-' NH069843 Bidein a’ Ghlas Thuill East Top (1043m, p23.2)
  • '1002.-' NH071842 Bidein a’ Ghlas Thuill Far East Top (1002m, p19.7)
  • '1062.t' NN211656 Binnein Mor South Top (1062m, p24)
  • '0970.t' NJ036068 Bynack Beg (970m, p23)
  • '0991.t' NO226820 Cairn of Gowal (991m, p22)
  • '0918.t' NO041827 Carn Bhac SW Top (918m, p25.1)
  • '1179.t' NN175726 Carn Dearg Meadhonach (1179m, p27)
  • '1088.t' NO122992 Carn Eas (1088m, p25)
  • '1120.t' NJ003009 Carn Etchachan (1120m, p26)
  • '0947.-' NN974745 Carn nan Gabhar North Top (947m, p20.9)
  • '1066.-' NN325382 Carn Sasunnaich (Beinn Dorain North Top) (1066m, p21)
  • '0968.t' NH259830 Ceann Garbh (968m, p21)
  • '0922.-' NG996197 Ceum na h-Aon-choise South Top (922m, p20.6)
  • '1110.-' NH114246 Ciste Dhubh (1110m, p24.5)
  • '1063.-' NH122243 Ciste Dhubh East Top (1063m, p22.4)
  • '1121.-' NJ143018 Clach Choutsaich (1121m, p21.7)
  • '0927.t' NO231809 Craig of Gowal (927m, p23)
  • '0971.-' NH168338 Creag a’ Chaorainn (971m, p22.7)
  • '1055.t' NH113232 Creag Coire nan Each (1055m, p27)
  • '0944.t' NO149741 Creag Leacach SW Top (944m, p24)
  • '0999.t' NH120134 Drochaid an Tuill Easaich (999m, p27.8)
  • '0935.t' NJ159042 East Meur Gorm Craig (935m, p22.1)
  • '0968.t' NM918959 Garbh Chioch Bheag (968m, p28.1)
  • '0961.t' NH077841 Glas Mheall Liath (961m, p32.4)
  • '0918.-' NH069849 Glas Mheall Mor West Top (918m, p26.5)
  • '0972.t' NO175759 Little Glas Maol (972m, p21)
  • '0956.t' NO264844 Little Pap (956m, p22)
  • '1032.t' NH064835 Lord Berkeley’s Seat (Stony Seat) (1032m, p21.1)
  • '0936.t' NG872006 Luinne Bheinn East Top (936m, p23)
  • '0917.t' NN462324 Meall a’ Churain (917m, p29.9)
  • '0923.-' NN162582 Meall Dearg East Top (923m, p27.3)
  • '0924.t' NN436727 Meall Glas Choire (924m, p21)
  • '0974.-' NN690494 Meall na Aighean West Top (974m, p22)
  • '0974.t' NH207708 Meall nam Peithirean (974m, p29.3)
  • '0953.-' NN891944 Mullach Clach a’ Bhlair North Top (953m, p22.6)
  • '0978.t' NH056733 Mullach Coire Mhic Fhearchair East Top (978m, p29.4)
  • '1047.-' NH099173 Mullach Fraoch-choire NE Top (Mullach Fraoch-choire East Top) (1047m, p20.3)
  • '1124.-' NJ143021 Mullach Lochan nan Gabhar (1124m, p24.1)
  • '0919.-' NH070825 Sail Liath West Top (919m, p20.7)
  • '0948.t' NG977067 Sgurr a’ Mhaoraich Beag (948m, p29)
  • '0942.t' NG441222 Sgurr na Banachdich Central Top (942m, p24)
  • '1015.t' NH228437 Sgurr na Fearstaig (1015m, p27.6)
  • '0965.t' NG940130 Sgurr na Forcan (965m, p28.6)
  • '0942.t' NG943115 Sgurr na Sgine NW Top (942m, p21)
  • '0948.t' NG448206 Sgurr Sgumain (948m, p26.7)
  • '0977.t' NG450207 Sgurr Thearlaich (977m, p22)
  • '0977.-' NH062044 Spidean Mialach West Top (977m, p20)
  • '1002.t' NN448877 Sron a’ Choire (1002m, p22.7)
  • '1104.-' NN499707 Sron Bealach Beithe (1104m, p21)
  • '0993.t' NN447899 Sron Coire a’ Chriochairein (993m, p27)
  • '1131.t' NH144263 Sron Garbh (1131m, p24)
  • '1024.-' NN509810 Sron Garbh (1024m, p21.9)
  • '1113.t' NN999977 Sron Riach (1113m, p28)
  • '1014.t' NJ011015 Stacan Dubha (1014m, p25)
  • '0963.-' NH157330 Stob a’ Choire Bhig (963m, p21.7)
  • '0996.t' NN239516 Stob a’ Ghlais Choire (996m, p25.8)
  • '1107.t' NJ112027 Stob an t-Sluichd (1107m, p25.4)
  • '1068.t' NN438220 Stob Coire an Lochain (1068m, p23)
  • '1082.t' NJ024005 Stob Coire Etchachan (1082m, p27)
  • '0917.t' NH119271 Stob Coire Lochan (917m, p29.6)
  • '0939.-' NH071225 Stob Coire nan Dearcag (939m, p28.3)
  • '1119.-' NJ147013 Stuc Gharbh Mhor (1119m, p23.3)
  • '0959.-' NG938130 The Saddle East Top (959m, p20.9)
  • '0976.-' NG929128 The Saddle West Top (976m, p24.9)
  • '0951.t' NH177275 Toll Creagach West Top (951m, p28.8)

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