I was recently invited to contribute a Guest blog to Myrddyn Phillips’ Mapping Mountains  The article details much of the history of the Haroldstreet site…

Combining hills from two different bagging lists  

Adding two lists together As well as searching for hills based on their bagging type (specified by the “?list=” URL filter), a second hill type filter can be added (as “&list2=“) to give the total listing of two types of hill. This is the equivalent of adding the two lists together or the “union” of the two sets. For » read more »

Filtering Hills: List all Hills in any given area  

In addition to being able to filter all the hills in any given 100km OS Map area like this: www.haroldstreet.org.uk/waypoints/download/?area=NY we’ve now also added functionality so you can list the hills in any rectangular area between two grid references like this… For 6 figure grid-references…  www.haroldstreet.org.uk/waypoints/download/?area=NY123456-NY456789 gives all the hills between grid references NY123456 and NY456789. 6 figure grid references » read more »

Rate our Routes  

We’ve now added the ability for members to rate the quality of the GPX walking routes on our site, by voting on them. Go to any route’s page such as http://www.haroldstreet.org.uk/yorkshire-3-peaks-route/ and scroll down to the “I’ve completed the route” section, there you can mark it as completed by giving your vote such as… Excellent one of the best » read more »

Bagging P30 Tumps  

TUMPs or P30s are hills of any height with a drop of at least 30 metres or more on all sides. The name TUMP stands for Thirty & Upward Metres Prominence. There are far too many Tumps to display on a simple single page. However all Tumps for each area of Britain can be viewed using URL » read more »

Author: Phil Newby